A Practical Guide to Relationship Marketing

 There is only one valid definition of business : to create customers. It is the customer who determines what the business is. Because its purpose is to create customers, any business has two basic functions: marketing (customer orientation) innovation Also read: How Content Marketing Can Boost Your Online Marketing Results This far-sighted quotation came from Peter Drucker (1973) and it was originally said in 1954. Relationship marketing is critically important for every business. After a client is won, they have to be kept and what keeps them is the relationship between the company and the clients. Businesses must maintain their clients because clients keep the business running. Getting customers is one thing, but keeping them is a whole [...]

Effects of Duplicate Content on SEO and Google Rankings

Duplicate content is something that is affecting the performance of miliions of websites and esppecially because Google frowns at it , it is worth given some attention to address. In this post, you will learn about duplicate content, what it is and how you can fix it in specific cases . Also read: Link Building Strategies That Will Boost Your Search Engine Ranking 1. What Is Duplicate Content Duplicate content is simply the content you use on your website which has been already written by someone, somewhere else. So, if you copy a piece of content off one website, paste and then publish it on your website, then you have duplicate content. Google frowns at it as it represents some form or attempt to manipulate the Search Engines . Duplicate content is [...]

Best SEO Plugins For the Major Website Platforms

The importance of SEO to the success of your online marketing efforts cannot be over-emhasized. Driving traffic and improving SEO has remained cardinal to website performance especially as the leading Search Engine, Google continues to place high premium on SEO performance and user experience . Achieving good SEO performance have been done through various means especially with the use of SEO plugins. Read more SEO related posts: SEO Lessons From Google’s John Mueller Some platforms call it plug-in, others call it extensions or add-ons, the purpose remains the same - to make whatever software you are using more feature-rich. In this post, we focus on the plug-ins that will enhance your SEO efforts . So, take a careful look at the plugins below and use [...]

A Detailed Guide to Technical SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical part everybody’s life. Though the term Technical SEO is not so commoly used even among experts. Well, that is understandable as it can be argued that every part of SEO is technical . In this checklist suggested a detailed of technical SEO audit , we have included SEO issues , SEO mistakes , SEO tips and recommendations .. We want to cover, in the most effective way possible, all the elements that are important for making your website user-friendly , efficient, visible in SERP , functional and easy to understand. Read other related posts: WordPress Performance: How to Find a Slow Plugin Why SEO keeps changing the way it works Website Cloaking: What The Search Engines Allow and Disallow [...]

Best WordPress Plugins For Email Marketing

  More than 34% of people in the world use emails. That’s about 2.5 billion people. It’s predicted to increase to 2.8 billion email users by 2020. According to the Radicati Group , who came up with that infomation, the world sends about 196 billion emails daily out of which 109 billion are business emails. Every marketer knows how important it is to stay connected to the audience . Hence, there is a bunch of WordPress email marketing plugins , which help use email marketing in an effective way with ease. There are several critical uses to which you can put your email uses. Want your subscribers to receive up-to-date information on your product or articles? Want to hit the target? With WordPress, you can use the email marketing plugins and tools! [...]

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