Checklist Of SEO Best Practices That Will Drive Trafic To Your Website

Getting more website traffic is extremely important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Also very important is that the visitors you get should be coming from organic traffic. Organic traffic are the visitors you get to your website through unpaid sources. So, when you advertise your website on Google or other medium, they are paid for and do not constitute organic traffic. Also read: A Guide to Website Traffic Optimization Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ever-changing changing and the change increasingly tends towards greater focus on user experience. Search engines are increasingly adjusting their ranking patterns to get highly relevant results on top of its results – what is generally referred to as Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Also read: 5 [...]

How to build your website trust and credibility

Web hosting is a service. One of its characteristics is that it is not personal. It is delivered through a medium that you cannot feel or touch. One way to judge its quality is the impression it sends about its credibility through a website that delivers the service. Building website credibility starts with building customer confidence. This is the focus of this post - how to build the credibility of your website to increase its conversion , reduce bounce rate and reduce the number of people who turn away from your website. Trust is everything for a website owner. When it comes to running a website, making sure that your audience trusts you and your brand is critical, and that’s where credibility comes in. After all, if visitors don’t find your site [...]

7 SEO Tips That Will Help Your Website Rankings, Yet Are Not Often Talked About

Every website owner is concerned about top ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This task is a huge one and require careful approach to avoid a penalty from the search engines and also to achieve high performance in the Search Engine Result Pages. The most popular among the search engines is Google and much of our points made in this post are based on experience with Google, though not exclusive. Also read: 16 Mistakes That Turn People Away From Your Website 1. Avoid Frequent Changes to Website Metatags We have tested this changes to the website metadata and just the title tags and found that it has some profound effect on rankings. Google has noted the importance of site title as a search ranking signal but making frequent changes to get the most out of [...]

A Complete Guide To Good SEO For Beginners

Investing in your website design is good, it will help build a good reputation for your especially with your first time visitors. It will help conversion easy, it will help you get referrals. But all these will be difficult to achieve with a poor Search Engine Optimization. We have been dealing with lots of clients here at Todhost and one major problem they want to overcome is how to build traffic to their website. The simple answer is that you should begin to take SEO seriously. In this article, we undertake to present the essential steps you should take to achieve good SEO for your website as a beginner. Let''s begin with some basic explanation of what is search engine optimization or SEO. Also read:  The Most Common Reasons Why Your Website can be Penalyzed by [...]

Image Optimization for the Web

This tutorials spells out the steps we took to improve the speed of our website , Todhost by reducing the size of our images. In the end, our website loading speed is now 1.3s. This blog page you are reading loads in less than 1second. Also read: How to create an animated GIF image Image Optimization for the Web Optimizing images for a website has become very important to speed up the webpage. Fortunately, there are lots of tools that can further help you reduce the size of your images and help improve the speed of your website. Google has made it clear that speed is a ranking factor and should be taken very seriously. Also read: Tested Tips To Increase Joomla Website Loading Speed Also read: A Guide to Website Optimization for Mobile Devices [...]

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