A Search Engine Friendly Guide to Link Building

Links have long been one of the primary factors used by Google and other major search engines to rank websites and pages . Which means, if you want to rank in search engine result pages, SERPs , you're going to have to build links. Also read: A Guide to Website Traffic Optimization 5 Easy On--Page SEO Tips That Yield Big Results 7 SEO Tips That Will Help Your Website Rankings, Yet Are Not Often Talked About The problem: there's a lot of information out there about link building. Some of it good. Some of it not so good. Some of it just very bad. So to help you build links the right way, we've put together this complete and user friendly, guide to link building In this post, we will be covering:     link [...]

Starting a New Business: Basic Considerations and Success Factors

Quite often, people start new businesses only to find that much of the decisions they have taken regarding their marketing , human resources, finance, and accounting had been based on wrong information or a weak understanding of the challenges ahead. In this post, we take a general look at what should basically be considered before starting a small business. We also examine the layout considerations necessary for launching a business website. We start with the basic marketing considerations necessary for new business analysis. Also read: A Guide on How to Design Your Website By Yourself A Guide to Website Optimization for Mobile Devices A Simple Guide to Website Performance Evaluation 1. Basic Marketing Considerations  There are two basic [...]

Useful URL Structuring Tips That Will Help Higher Ranking

URL structuring has become important for every website to gain good exposure . Structuring a URL is mandatory not just for an enhanced user experience but also for the benefit of pulling good traffic through better search engine exposure . For online businesses, websites are represented with their URLs so it needs to be meaningful, human readable and search engine friendly. The following are some of the tips that can help you in structuring the link addresses. Also read: Best Link Building Techniques Recomended For Higher Ranking in Google A Checklist of Bad SEO Practices to Avoid Checklist Of SEO Best Practices That Will Drive Trafic To Your Website 1. URLs shall be readable Use meaningful words in the URL to make it readable. Consumers [...]

Website Security: A Guide For Shared Web Hosting Accounts

This post presumes your website is hosted on a shared web hosting plan . A shared hosting service allows the web hosting company to setup multiple websites on one server, usually using a common IP address. We have recently had some complaints on forums about web hosts placing some restrictions on hosting accounts due mainly to complaints about websites creating load issues, spamming and malware issues.   Further reading: Email Marketing and the Trouble With Auto-Responders How to Prevent Spam on Your Joomla Website Best Rated Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress Websites   These three had been the cardinal issues affecting all websites, irrespective of the hosting plan - shared, reseller, VPS, or dedicated servers. But some [...]

The Myths and Realities of Web Hosting

Web hosting business is a lucrative one especially for growing niches like Nigeria where there are few participants. However, there are lots of tricks and realities which are usually not very clear to prospects who will likely just signup to attractive offers without first going through the details about the terms and conditions . The most common of these is unlimited web hosting. Further reading: The Incredible Power Of Reseller Hosting Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers with these Easy Steps How to secure your website from attacks using the .htaccess file   The Myths and Realities of Unlimited Web Hosting Unlimited web hosting offers are common in the Web Hosting business. If you've ever shopped for web [...]

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