Web Hosting Features Every Businesses Should Take Seriously

If you are new to web hosting, considering to get a web hosting account or thinking of updating your website and possibly changing your current web host, then there are some important and critical factors to consider in the process of taking a decision.

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The above are not easy decisions to take because most web hosting services are similar in many ways - they offer a price that are truly very competitive and closely within the same range, most of them run on cPanel, they run similar applications and so on. However, there are several other factors that make web hosting services different. So, before you decide on the choice of web hosting, there are some core features that distinguishes a good web host and will help you make a choice you can't regret. Let's take a look at these critical factors:

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1. Customer Support
Every serious website owner will acknowledge the role of customer support in web hosting. You will have need for customer support at different times. The list of reasons why you will need support could be endless but quite often, you will need support for the following reasons:

  •     You have done an installation and you get an error without clearly knowing how to fix the problem.
  •     Your website gets extremely slow and you want the issue addressed
  •     Your website has been hacked
  •     You have made a mistake in the process of updating your script and it produces an error
  •     You have made a mistake and you want your backup restored
  •     You cannot access your emails
  •     There is a downtime and your website has become inaccessible
  •     Your website has been suspended for some reason
  •     You need help to install a script
  •     You have recently changed your web host and want to move your files, emails, scripts, databases and may be, your entire website.

You will have to check to see what level of support services the hosting provider offers and how responsive they are to addressing problems. A web host that will take 10hours before responding to a support ticket can adversely affect your performance as a web hosting company especially if it involves a downtime. So you must determine the waiting time for support tickets. A host that offers phone support or livechat may just be better in terms of support than a host that relies only on support tickets alone.

Quick response is important because critical issues require quick response and so the easier it is to reach your web host the better support you can get. Imagine that your dedicated server had become inaccessible due to a hardware failure and you need immediate attention. If you rely on support tickets alone that could take some time and be very frustrating.

For a web hosting company, being able to provide the needed support is very important because poor technical support has become the reason for loss of customers. We have found that one of the reasons clients move from other web hosts to our subscribe to web hosting services is because we provide reliable technical support and are able to address problems for clients.

Reports of website hacks are on the increase. Some of our clients when confronted with the need to take website security very seriously have asked what will be the gain of a hacker who targets a small business website? The answer may well be difficult to provide as only the hacker himself can provide the precise response. However, suffice it to say that being able to hack a website is an indication that the hacker's methods are working and can be tested on other websites. So you need to strenghten the security of your website to serve as a disincentive to developers of such software.

Before you decide on your choice of web hosting, you need to do a proper research to be sure the hosting company has put in place the proper security measures.

Because most web hosting companies will not publicly announce their internal security measures so that server security is not compromised, you will have to rely on independent reviews from users who are likely to share their experiences about a particular web host.

At Todhost, we have put in place, the proper security measures that assures you of adequate protection. You need not worry and you not fear because we are a safe hand for your website. We do not compromise on security so we have taken every step to make sure that your business data is secure and well protected against all levels of potential security threats.

You must research to be sure that your chosen hosting company has taken measures that include the use of two factor authentication and other high levels of security setting in order to make sure your data is absolutely secure. Web hosting companies ensure that strong security settings are put in place to route your business affairs and confidential information through Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificates for higher levels of security. Secured web hosting services will also provide advanced and proactive monitoring tools which looks for anomalies and addresses them in real time. Third party software like CloudFlare and SpamExperts are used to provide another level of protection for your data to be as secure as it can possibly be.

This has become the strongest and seemingly most sought after feature of every web hosting. It is a feature that will force clients to move to another host without thinking twice. But interestingly, nearly all web hosting firms will offer 99.99 % uptime guarantee. Some few web hosts will offer 100% uptime but the reality is that it is extremely dificult to guarantee a 100% uptime for a web host that continuosly monitor and upgrade or improve server quality. Thats is because software imrovements will sometimes force a server restart. It is the 2-3 mimutes it takes to restart a server that makes it difficult to give a guarantee of 100%. Wise web hosting companies will however not restart servers during the peak hours. It will always be the off-peak periods that servers will be re-started and so you will likely not take notice.

Some servers also deploy the redundant technology which allows for another server to take over if any issues arise so that your website is always up. This kind of technology is associated with cloud servers and not bare metal servers. Cloud hosting however may however rise and fall.

Uptime is extremely important in web hosting. Imagine that your website becomes inaccessible and you find that it is due to a server failure. This can hurt not only the client website but the business of the hosting company. Firstly it forces some clients to make bad reviews and this can very well hurt the chances of winning potential clients. Downtime however is not always as a result of serve failure.. Sometimes, a data center will undertake an upgrade and will have to restart. Such upgrades could lead to a downtime. It is important to inform clients ahead of time about such maintenance. At other times, the client website could be compromised and this can also put off the website. As a website owner you must understand how to protect your website from attackers.

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Businesses grow from small to big. So while they are small, they use little resources and as they grow, their resource demands also increase. Scalability allows businesses and web users to use resources based on their levels of need and make expenditures accordingly. A small business will rely on a shared hosting service and only pay a small amount to sustain it annually but a large company like Facebook require some clustered dedicated servers to cope with the heavy trafic coming from the large number of users.

A good web hosting company will makke provision for a small company and also allow an upgrade or even a downgrade without outage.

Before you make a final decision, ensure that a scale up or scale down is possible without issues.

As an extension of the security measures you will take is the ability to have a healthy backup of your site. This feature is extremely important as very man times when disaster comes, your last and safe option will be to restore your backup.

While many web hosting providers will offer backups automatically, such backups can become corrupt or a disaster such as a hurricane or a fire could leave you without your precious backup data. Web hosts that provide backups give you the assurance that if your own copies of data become unavailable your web host will be able to produce a copy for you. In most cases however using the backup of your web host come with some extra charge. Businesses that take backup seriously however recognize the need not only for a web host to maintain a backup copy but also for all data to be stored and secure at multiple locations. As a business, you will not need to rely on the backup of your web host and it is strongly recommended that yo maintain a copy of your data in a hard drive. It is no longer advisable to depend solely on a web host to maintain the only record of the data. A good web host will be honest to point out the need for clients to maintain their data at multiple locations and possibly download a full website backup to a local device in order for the best possible recovery tactics to be engaged before any mishaps or dreaded disasters occur.

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Performance and SEO
If you are not entirely new to web hosting and the internet, then you will agree with me that server performance and speed is a very important factor for the ranking of your website on search engines. Speed has been an important ranking factor on Google.

Having a static IP on high performance servers will both help the SEO of your website and help with your visibility across the internet. These features are key to your businesses overall success because from our exxperience, no amount of advertising can be compared to high ranking on Google search engine result pages. Sites that load fast and maintain a dedicated IP address are sually ranked higher than sites that change IP’s often and have low page load speeds.


Google now gives higher ranking to sites which have an SSL and uses the https designation. Business web hosting accounts generally need to take this factor into account because they are designed especially to satisfy the recognized needs that e-commerce, developers, startups and other standard types of businesses need most. SSL has become one way to build public trust and credibility for a website.. People are confident about the security of their transactions and personal information when creating accounts and using the services on websites that have SSL enabled..

Hardware and Software
Not many businesses starting up will have a well designed or an already designed website in place. Many times, they are new startups or will undertake a move that will make them redesign their website. It may be important to consider if the business web hosting plan you choose offers site building software like QuickInstall, Softaculous, Site Builder Templates with the ability to enable hundreds of scripts, and other cPanel software that make it easy to use and manage your website so that you can create a more attractive and user friendly website with little or no coding experience..

Ethics , Integrity and Reputation
Some businesses take web hosting very seriously because some of them depend solely on online sales. E--commerce stores invest huge sums into the business. In deciding on your hosting company you need to consider how much attention your choice of web hosting service provider pays to ethics, integrity and their reputation.

Never be in a hurry before you choose your web hosting company. Do some research and ensure that it does not lead you to regrets. There are some web hosts that shut down after a while because they are unable to sustain their bill. It will very unfortunate if you fall into the hands of such people. There are also some web hosts that never give a chance to clients to correct mistakes. They can punish ever client on a server just for the mistake of one account holder especially for reseller and decicated hosting accounts. Such web hosts can seriously hurt your business and you into real trouble and in most cases, such hosts offer an incredibly low price.

Here at Todhost, we continue to invest in our web hosting business, our experience from years of being in this business guarantee stability and security for your websites. We remain committed to support your web hosting project in the best way possible.

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