A Simple Guide to Website Performance Evaluation

The task of building a well performing website is not an easy and straight-forward task. It is the work of a combination of skill, experience and patience. In this post, we shall provide a checklist of website performance evaluation criteria that are useful to maintain good health for a website .The performance of a website is usually done regarding user experience and website security. These are very fundamental to success. Also read: What is an SEO Audit, and How Can It Help Your Business? Web Hosting Features Every Businesses Should Take Seriously Useful Tips and Tricks for WordPress Search Engine Optimization The First Steps URL (Intuitive) - The URL needs to be short and simple. The best URLs are intuitive. From the URL, you need to be [...]

7 Steps to Reduce the Disc Space Used by Your WordPress Website

Have you received a warning from your web hosting company notifying you of an unusual resource use from your account and asking you to upgrade from your shared hosting to a more expensive plan like a VPS or a dedicated server where your resource use will have less impact on other clients. That is probably because you are overusing the allocated space way beyond their expectation or going outside the prescribed usage in the web hosting company's fair usage policy. You'll need to manage the process by taking a look at your files and entire data on your WordPress website. Also read: Best Comment Plugin for WordPress Websites 27 Free WordPress SEO Plugins that Will Improve Your Website Search Engine Rank How A Plugin Installation Can Crash Your [...]

ExpressionEngine Website Optimization

Website optimization is one of the key considerations that guides the choice of any web building tool used today. This is because website optimization will largely determine the power of any website to compete on the complex world of the internet which is already filled with lots of powerful website applications .   Further reading: Why SEO keeps changing the way it works What is an SEO Audit, and How Can It Help Your Business? Website Cloaking: What The Search Engines Allow and Disallow   Optimization is something to be done continually and has to be improved along with changes in the search engine algorithms especially Google and Bing . ExpressionEngine(EE) offers great features for search engine [...]

Boost Your Website SEO with Google Analytics

Google Analytic tool is one of the most useful tools that can provide useful data on the performance of websites. It can be effectively used to boost a website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) . You can use Google Analytics to discover areas that need improvement in your website and for its SEO performance and it is free. Also read: An SEO Guide on the Top 3 Factors That Guarantee Success For Every Website Benchmarking for Website Performance on Search Engines Enhance your search engine performance in simple steps Google Analytics has great features that are easy to use and even if you are new to Search Engine Optimization, you can still effectively use Google Analytics to understand and improve the performance of your website. [...]

A Guide to Website Optimization for Mobile Devices

For every website, being mobile friendly is now a must. Traffic from mobile devices is now higher than those from desktops and laptops and so it is important that you test your website mobile friendliness as it is now a key factor. It has been included in Google's ranking factor. To learn about search engine optimization, read this Introduction to SEO Also read: A Simple Guide to Website Performance Evaluation How to fix a slow-loading website How to Get Best Speed Performance with WordPress Why Take Mobile Optimization Seriously? Searches on Google from mobile are more than desktop, Amazon made more sales from mobile in 2015 and Facebook is being used more frequently on mobile than tablets or desktops. These highlight the importance [...]