Useful Tips and Tricks for WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your WordPress website needs more than a simple approach. Because of the importance placed on SEO , most website owners would want to find the perfect plugin to do this. But there some common mistakes associated with most Search Engine Optimization strategy which will aply to WordPress websites as well and we will be discussing this in this   Further reading: How Not to Hurt Your Visitors When Using the WordPress Maintenance Mode Common Problems with WordPress Websites and How to Fix Them Best Slider Plugins for WordPress Websites Best Rated Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress Websites   1. Optimize Page Titles & Descriptions Page titles and meta descriptions are [...]

How to secure your website from attacks using the .htaccess file

Every website owner needs to draw up a strategy to deal with attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting, Local File Inclusion and SQL Injection which all start with transmission of hostile commands via the HTTP Request. One challenge in dealing this kind of issue is how to separate legitimate requests from those that are hostile or malicious .   Further reading: How to Find and Clean Backdoors in a Hacked WordPress Site How to Prevent the most common Application Attacks against websites Website Security: A Guide For Shared Web Hosting Accounts How to Prevent an Exploitation of Your Website by An Attacker How to Fix The WordPress White Screen of Death   If the website is hosted on an Apache [...]

How A Plugin Installation Can Crash Your Wordpress Website

WordPress plugins are used to add functionality to WordPress websites . But just as they can be a great way to improve the power of any website , they can also create problems for an existing website . Installing plugins should therefore be done with care in order not to cause problems especially for well established websites with huge content.   Further reading: Best Comment Plugin for WordPress Websites 27 Free WordPress SEO Plugins that Will Improve Your Website Search Engine Rank Best Google Analytic Plugin for WordPress 9 Common Problems of a WordPress Website   Imagine losing a website you have built for 10+ years with over 10,000 articles simply because of a bad plugin you were installing . That is [...]

The Incredible Power Of Reseller Hosting

If you are a web developer, designing websites for other people and providing web hosting for their websites, then a reseller hosting account will be an ideal way to pay less for the websites under your control.   Further reading:  How do I create a cPanel account in WHM SSH Security for Shared Hosting cPanel Branding and Customization Re-Emphasizing the Todhost Web Hosting Advantage   With a reseller hosting plan , you are like your own web host. You are able to create a web hosting account for your clients and there is no limit to the number of accounts you can create. You are able to set disk spaces and allocate bandwidth limits to each account under your control.   Further reading: [...]

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