A Detailed Guide to Choosing the Right Web Hosting Plan

In today's world, not having a website particularly for your business will be viewed as a downside for your business. Although many businesses use a third party for their design and hosting , some companies still maintain an in-house I.T department that take charge of their websites. Whichever is the option you take, you must decide on a web hosting plan or package for your website. Also read: Email Marketing and the Trouble With Auto-Responders 16 Mistakes That Turn People Away From Your Website Your ultimate decision about the appropriate website hosting plan is affected by a lot of factors which include whether you’re launching a new website or thinking about switching to a new plan for the one you already have.  The decision can be a [...]

Tips and Tricks to Help You Run a Professional Joomla Website

Joomla offers a number of great functionalities to make easy, your website development process. Given the loads of plugins, modules and components that run on a default Joomla installation, these functionalities can sometimes be overwhelming and cause you to miss out on some of the lovely and very exciting features offered with Joomla which actually makes you a Joomla professional developer. You will also want to read: What is an SEO Audit, and How Can It Help Your Business? Why SEO keeps changing the way it works In this post, we are going to take a look at some of these great features and functionalities that you need to always deploy to become a Joomla professional. These are the tips and tricks that have been found among professional developers and we [...]

Best Comment Plugin for WordPress Websites

If you run an interactive website or blog like WordPress, then allowing visitors to leave comments on your posts is something you will conside to do especially if your blog traffic is growing . There are several reasons for this and we will consider those in greater detail later. Blog comments do have advantages just as they also have disadvantages and can actally hurt your website SEO efforts . Blog comments not only help you engage with your readers, they can be quite helpful for your site rank too just as when abused can also hurt your site ranking on Google too. Also read: Best Google Analytic Plugin for WordPress 6 steps to clean and harden your Wordpress website Security with the Free Sucuri plugin 27 Free WordPress SEO Plugins that Will Improve [...]

Major Features and Improvements in Joomla 4

Joomla 4 is expected in the middle of 2018. The Joomla 4 alpha 2 has already arrived. Users are peeking at the amazing core functionalities and features introduced with Joomla 4. Joomla is gradually evolving from version 2, and now Joomla 4 is on its way with improved quality and features. Also read: SEO Lessons From Google’s John Mueller 16 Mistakes That Turn People Away From Your Website How Fresh Content Impacts on Your Website Rankin So, let’s have a close loo at what to expect in Joomla 4 and how they compare with previous releases. 1. Installation is Much Simpler Joomla 4 installation process is more simple and easier for a user to get it done. The sample data and multilingual installation is included in the [...]

Web Hosting Features Every Businesses Should Take Seriously

If you are new to web hosting , considering to get a web hosting accoun t or thinking of updating your website and possibly changing your current web host, then there are some important and critical factors to consider in the process of taking a decision. Also read: Web Hosting Tips and Tricks for Beginners A Simple Guide to Choosing Your Web Hosting Company How to Choose an Affordable Web Hosting for Your Blog The above are not easy decisions to take because most web hosting services are similar in many ways - they offer a price that are truly very competitive and closely within the same range, most of them run on cPanel, they run similar applications and so on. However, there are several other factors that make web hosting services different. So, [...]

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