WordPress Security: The Complete Guide

WordPress still remains the most popular Content Management System (CMS) with about 34percent of the web being powered by WordPress. WordPress popularity has also made it a target for hackers , with tens of thousands of websites getting infected with malware, becoming the sources of phishing schemes and getting blacklisted by search engines . In this guide, we will put our best efforts to cover everything you need to know about WordPress security, including a comprehensive list of do-it-yourself WordPress security tips for hands-on website owners. We will try to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to protect your website against even the most determined attacker. Further reading: A checklist against cybercrime Joomla Security - The [...]

Magento vs PrestaShop Comparison for Security, SEO and Performance

One of the most significant decisions to take before launching an online store is to choose the ideal e-Commerce platform . There are numerous options for the decision on the ideal e-commerce platform and you will usually have to compare features and match them with your need s and expectations before deciding.   Further reading: Best Practices for Magento Website Security E-commerce Website: A Guide on The Choice Of Magento Or Woocommerce Useful Tips on How to Use Google Analytics on eCommerce Websites 3 Important SEO Considerations Good for E-Commerce Websites   Boost Ecommerce Purchases on Your Website in 6 Steps   How to Combat Credit Card Fraud   How to Recover [...]

How to Combat Credit Card Fraud

The confidence of internet users have been built on the integrity of online payment systems So also have there been an increase in shopping on the internet and tons of companies are accepting online payments , which also increases the risk for credit card fraud . Unfortunately, this is a familiar scenario for webshops. You receive a large order from a new customer. But at the same time, something doesn’t seem quite right. Related posts 6 Ways to Protect Your Website From Security Hacks Best Practices for Magento Website Security How to build your website trust and credibility With a little research, you realize that this is a case of credit card fraud – hopefully before sending the order. It can be very damaging to your business if you [...]

How to Turn Your Blog into a Profitable Brand

We have in the past 10 years been helping individuals and businesses build their websites . Some of the websites we built in the past have become great successes. From the most simple days of basic HTML and static websites, to the now advanced days of content management systems(CMS) mobile usage and social media, it’s all about adapting with the times and providing value to an audience. WordPress has changed a lot of things and made the process of creating an online content-focused business or brand a whole lot easier. Since there are no technical skills required, and being that the software is free, everyone may soon have a blog. However, just because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean you are going to find success. More Resources WordPress [...]

Best WordPress Plugins for Every Website

WordPress remains the most popular tool for building blogs. But the beauty and functionality you can add to your WordPress website depends on the plugins you deploy in the development of your WordPress website . It’s easy to customize WordPress and add cool features with plugins. But which plugins should you always rely on ? To answer this question, we can say you can choose from more than 54,000 plugins that are available . But you will agee that that number is too much for you to peruse and decide on which ones to use. Read more WordPress resources: How A Plugin Installation Can Crash Your Wordpress Website 6 steps to clean and harden your Wordpress website Security with the Free Sucuri Plugin 7 Steps to Reduce the Disc Space Used by Your [...]

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