A Basic Guide to Designing a New Website

There are currently over 4 billion web pages on the internet. That makes it the largest single market in the world. Given that enormous number, competing in the internet space is not something to take lightly. You must ensure that the right decisions have been taken about your website to convey trust and authoritativeness . These are critical because internet services are non-personal and users make judgements based on what they see and perceive from your website content. One of the challenges website owners face with their websites is the wrong choices they make at the time of launching their designs. There are some factors that should guide the decisions you make, especially as related to the framework used for your website design . Here are important considerations you [...]

13 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your SEO Efforts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is unquestionably a fundamental way to grow traffic and revenue for every website owner. First, it is an economically guaranteed way to build your business. It grows your organic traffic incredibly especially when you achieve top ranking for a high traffic keyword. SEO is by far a cheaper means of promotion than paid advertising and it helps you stay at the top of search engine results and sustain your business profitability . But search engine optimization has rules and when done wrongly can hurt your business in the most devastating ways. You can lose your ranking gains by some mistakes you make. Here we discuss the mistakes you need to avoid to sustain your SEO gains.   SEO Mistakes That Hurt [...]

5 SEO Winning Tips You Should Take Seriously

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quite a complex task and sometimes can become complicated especially because it is more of an art and constantly changing. Moreover, the exact metrics used by the search engines to rank websites remain a secret. Fortunately, in that respect, there are some precise and very helpful guides on how the search engines work, though there are no exact documents expressly stating the specific metrics used by Google and other search engines to assess websites. In this post, we examine four (4) winning tips that can produce big results for your website in the search engines. Although not presented in any order of priority, these tips can be very helpful for your website to gain top rank. So here we go! SEO Tips That Guarantee Top [...]

A Detailed Guide to Safe Joomla Website Updating

We have done a couple of tutorials on how you can and should update your website including Joomla . But this is a bit more comprehensive, simplified and practical. Written based on our wealth of experience in working with Joomla websites and website administrators, we have put together this very safe, simple and practical guide to Joomla website updating. Why You Need to Update Your Joomla Website If you are a bit familiar with content management systems (CMSs), you would have often heard of new version updates and may be, would have been prompted with messages requesting update to a recent version. Some of these updates are security patches while others can be feature releases. Here are some of the most critical reasons you should take those messages [...]

How to Develop Favourable Business Values That Work For Your Brand

Your business is a good as the image it creates for itself. If you fail to maintain the right values by what you portray to the public, your public image and reputation can be seriously hurt and that can ruin your entire business. Business values help to create an image for your company and you should strive to have a good value system that builds confidence, encourages product trials and ultimately increases business growth . Business values encompasses all that your business cherishes, the practices, beliefs, philosophies that guide your business operations and activities. That will include its return policies, money back, support, delivery and complaints handling procedures as well as other practices that can be seen as the way your company works. For instance, if [...]

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