What Does Google Search Essentials Mean For SEO

You should be familiar with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. It used to be the most comprehensive documentation from Google which spelt out the dos and don’ts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It became outdated and Google has replaced it with Search Essentials , a new set of rules about what you need to do and what you need not do if you will perform well with SEO. They go much more in-depth with what they like and don’t approve of. Well, as we know with Google, it can sometimes just provide a broad view and not be too detailed or specific. Whatever be the case, every clue from Google provide some real advantage which should help your SEO efforts, after all, no one can better guide your SEO efforts than Google.   Understanding SEO [...]

Key SEO Mistakes That Will Kill Your Ranking Gains

  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a top priority for every website, especially when traffic generation ,  revenue generation and sustaining profitability levels is a major priority. SEO is a cheap and sustainable way to achieve your website goals to drive traffic, sales, revenue and sustain profitability for online businesses. With over one billion websites on the internet today, competition for top positions in the search ranking isn't so easy. It involves careful monitoring, analysis, evaluation and continuous improvement. While the Google search essentials provide some clear guide to what should be done, the exact factors and the weight they carry in the determination of how Google search algorithm rank websites remain a Google patent. [...]

10 Analytical Tools For Link Building

Links are a key website ranking factor . Search engines consider links as an endorsement and it reflects the value and quality of website content . But links are not just important, Google assesses the quality of the linkks. We shall be taking all these into consideration and give you a clear picture into what you should do in link building for Google to be happy with you.   Importance of Link Building Link building helps your business growth in several ways. SEO practitioners are more interested in its impact on website ranking and there is no doubt about that. In fact, Google has acknowledged that quality links boost site ranking . So, if search engines, especially Google, take link building seriously and accord it some significant weight in its [...]

Deliberate Link Building is Offensive to Google

In over a decade of research and writing on Search Eng ine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we have observed with some certainty that the Google search engine algorithm seems to be offended with deliberate link building. In this post, we identify and discuss link building tactics which fall into this category and have the tendency to hurt your website ranking . What is Deliberate Link Building Deliberate link building (DLB) is any link building effort that is solely designed to target link earning and not necessarily emanating from the value of the link to the page content and the website users. DLB could be internal linking or directed at inbound e xternal links . The focus of deliberate link building is to earn links [...]

Developing and Managing Your Unique Selling Proposition

People buy products and services because of the benefits they derive or hope to derive from them. Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesale distributor, retailer or consumer, the focus or every purchase is the benefits derivable from the product or service offering. These benefits are presented in the seller's communications on how your product offerings perform better than those of competitors. The unique advantages a product has over those of competitors which is communicated to buyers and potential customers is simply called a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), sometimes referred to as Unique Selling Value (USV) or Unique Selling Point. Developing a USP begins with the product development process. Customer needs are identified and the product is developed to fill [...]

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