9 Reasons to Consider Switching to Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting allows you to sell web hosting space to customers and to host multiple websites. It is the lowest level web hosting plan that allows you to sell web hosting services. Although it is not as powerful, robust and allowing much control on the server side, it provides an easy and less technical option to start a web hosting business..

How Reseller Hosting Works

In reseller hosting, you buy a web hosting space from your web hosting company solely with the aim to resell the space to other buyers.. Basically, you will want to resell the space at lower prices to gain some advantage over your bigger competitors who will likely offer more dis space and web hosting resources.


When is a Reseller Hosting Plan Recommended?

You have probably been pondering over this question, asking why you should choose a reseller hosting plan.. Here are the reasons you should consider moving u to a reseller hosting plan:

- You want to start a web hosting business
- You are hosting multiple sites and they are costing you a huge sum to maintain.
- You are hosting multiple sites that are consuming small disk spaces
- You want to control your disk space allocation to your websites
- You want to control the number of emails that can be created on the websites you manage..
- You want to host your websites using custom nameservers..
- You are hosting multiple websites owned by your clients and want to be able to suspend a client for a default.
- Little hassles with server management
- More web hosting resources
Now, lets look into greater detail, these benefits of reseller hosting and how you can actually leverage on them for the benefit of your web hosting business..

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1. Starting a Web Hosting Business

The easiest way to start  a web hosting business is to sign up for a reseller hosting plan. So, a reseller hosting plan allows you to generate some income from your web hosting business and you can achieve this with little expenditure on a reseller hosting plan. The key advantage here is that a reseller hosting plan is cheap and will not place heavy burden on you if you a beginner. One of the problems we have observed with reseller plans is that they are hardly sustained for one year. Some clients complain of the inability of sustaining the monthly renewal especially when they are unable to add new clients.. That is a reality and understandable excuse but on the other hand, a reseller plan is a business plan and their should be some investment into it. Because it is essentially a cheap option, it is easy to sustain with as low as NGN3000 per month on Todhost (about $10 monthly).

Generally speaking, the lowest level of web hosting business you can start is a reseller plan and one key advantage of this option is that it is predominantly cheap.

2. You are hosting multiple sites with huge cost of maintenance

If you are hosting multiple websites that cost you much to renew, then you need to consider a reseller plan. Generally speaking, if you manage up to 20 websites that run on less that 5GB, then, it will be cheaper to run on a Todhost reseller plan rather than sustaining a shared hosting plan for each of the websites. The calculation is simple. A shared plan for 20 websites will cost you NGN80,000 annually to host on Todhost at the time of this post. If you find that the websites all run on less than GB, then you can choose a 10GB reseller hosting plan on Todhost which costs NGN36,000 annually to maintain and allows you some control over plan settings and other features which we will get to learn about later.

3. You are hosting multiple sites that are consuming small disk spaces

The idea here is closely related to the justification put up in 2 above. Usually, a reseller plan will limit your disk space usage to what you have paid for.  If the disk space usage is minimal and not increasing within a reasonable time, then you need to consider a reseller account.

If the disk space consumption threatens the sustenance of your reseller plans and the addition of new accounts, then the recommendation will be to create multiple plans and allocate huge space to some accounts while allocating smaller space to others. You may also consider accounts with very high resource usage to be move to bigger hosts while you maintain your reseller hosting with websites not high in resource usage.

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4. You want to control our disk space allocation to your websites

Again, there are times you simply want to allocate resources differently to different websites based on the fees paid and other resource allocation. A reseller hosting plan is the minimal option you will have to be able to do this.

5. You want to control the number of emails that can be created on the websites you manage.

The amount of emails your clients can create from their control panel can significantly affect how much resource they use. To be able to limit resource usage, you may want to control client email creation capacity. A reseller hosting package will allow you take control of this feature.

6. You want to host your websites using custom nameservers..

Using custom nameservers with your domains is good asit allows you to more prominently project your brand identity. Using a custom nameserver has several advantages including:
- Brand promotion
- Brand visibility.
A lot of web hosts will prefer to use their custom nameservers for these reasons and they are absolutely right and justified in their choice.

7. - You are hosting multiple websites owned by your clients and want to be able to suspend a client for a default.

A lot of resellers get started with the sites they manage for themselves or their clients. In situations where you manage multiple sites for clients, their are cases where your clients may fail in fulfilling their obligations and you will want to limit certain services or out rightly suspend the service. With a shared hosting plan not directly under your control, you may not be able to get the site suspended but you can easily suspend any client account within your control when it is hosted on a reseller plan you manage. Sometimes, a client could engage in some unwholesome behavior that violate your own or your host's terms of service, you can easily suspend such account to stop such behavior.


8. Little hassles with server management

Reseller hosting offers a hassle free option to run and provide web hosting services. With reseller hosting, you need not bother about server management, server security, updates of server sofwares and a lot more including monitoring server uptime, load and spamming issues. All of that are handled by your server managers and web hosting providers. So you do not require much technical knowledge, if at all needed, to run a web hosting business on a reseller plan. You will be more concerned with disk space usage and will only device methods to manage your disk space to be able to provide services to more clients.

9. - More web hosting resources

The reseller hosting plans will always offer more resources than your basic web hosting plan. YYou can host unlimited websites with a reseller hosting plan, so also you can enoy unlimited bandwidth with some plans. On Todhost, all reseller plans come with a unlimited bandwidth.

Getting Started With Reseller Hosting

Before you decide on a reseller hosting plan, you need to research and takke some critical decisions. Because web hosting companies that offer reseller hosting make it extremely easy coupled with the low cost of reseller hosting, you may be tempted to take a quick decision. However, we still advice you take some time to decide. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  •     Research web hosting companies to determine which ones offer reseller hosting. This will normally appear in the main menu of any web hosting website. In some cases, it will appear in the drop down to the main menu, as is the case with Todhost web hosting.
  •     Consider how many customers you think you can get added to your new company as you progress. This will determine the package you will need and will also determine if you can raise funds to sustain your reseller hosting plan.
  •     You will also need to determine the types and size of packages you will offer your customers. This will actually determine how many customers you can add to your reseller hosting account, how much income you can generate to sustain your web hosting service.
  •     Consider the price you sell your packages because that will affect your competitive strength and how much you can get customers to switch to your hosting offer.
  •     Compare reseller hosting plans to in relation to which ones will best suit your needs and your budget. It is recommended that you start small and scale upward as the need arises.
  •     If you have extensively evaluated the above criteria and taken a decision on which way to go then proceed to sign up for the reseller package that best suits your needs
  •     Go with your host company's instructions to set up each of your packages that you will offer your customers
  •     Promote your new business and sign up customers

Give your best in terms of support and marketing and watch your business grow

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