A Guide on How to Design Your Website By Yourself

Let us assume that you have gotten a web hosting package that suits your need. The next thing will be to design your website and launch your dream on the internet then begin to take steps to drive traffic to the site. Getting a web hosting package that will support your site involves deciding on the domain name also. Many will think that the choice of domain name do not matter. It actually does to a large extent.. So the first thing to do is to register a search engine friendly domain name and then proceed to design your site to be hosted on your hosting plan and build your website to be accepted by users and visitors.

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Much of your success will again depend on the power of your website. In this post we will give you some suggestions on how you can put up a powerful and rewarding website for yourself. Let's look into the quick and easy ways you can create your own website.

1. Building your Website from Scratch

When you choose to build your website from scratch, you choose your own domain name based on your ideas or your business name. You plan the layout of your website, decide on the site navigation and the main menu layout. After that, you start doing the technical aspect, which is coding. If you are not good at coding, you can rely on one of the popular template-based designs or use our QuickInstall software or Softaculous software to quickly install your website.

The beauty of the 1-click installs is that it sets up a complete website for you without your writing a single code.. But you will still need to fully customize your installation add your content to it and you may also want to change your template to add beauty to your website.

It’s like hiring an interior designer to help you design your available space and then employing some contractors, who will work to bring those ideas to life.

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Why is it Advantageous to Build Your Website From Scratch

    Saves Money

If you have the required skills and understand the nighty-gritty of website development, you'll save some huge box doing it yourself. If you do not have what it takes to start your website from scratch then you will have to consider the other options we'll discuss later.


If you have the wherewithal to build your website from scratch then it gives you the opportunity to tighten your website security in the best way possible. You can actually take charge of the security of your website.

    Choose your Domain Name

When you take full responsibility for your website, you are the one to select your domain name and ou can make the best choice available. Picking the perfect name for your website is important. That is because if you do your onsite SEO very well and have a good name, chances are, you will land the top spot on search engine results.

    Choose Your Web Host

Another good side of building your website from scratch is that you are the one to choose your web host. To choose a web host, you will have to look at the user reviews, consider the purpose of your website and what you intend to do with your website. You may also have to to consider your web hosting budget. In respect of budget, you must beware of cheap web hosts. Low quality and cheap web hosts often suffer from high downtime and sometimes spam related penalties.

In deciding on the web host, you consider the features you will require, features like photos and videos are important because some servers are really slow and would not support much of these activities. You also will need to consider the amount of traffic expected, backup and security features, and technical support level.

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    Choose Your Design

Building your website from scratch involves putting a design in place. When you do it yourself, you actually choose our design by yourself. Even if you use a template--based design you still have to choose your template.. So you are in control and take responsibility for the look and feel of your website.

In choosing your design, you need to take a few things into consideration:

  1.     It has to be clean and simple.
  2.     It has to be mobile friendly
  3.     It has to be search engine friendly
  4.     It should be secured
  5.     It must be appealing and convey trust and confidence.
  6.     You have to use a color scheme that you think your target visitors will respond to.
  7.     It should also be easy to navigate so that visitors can find what they’re looking for in an instant. The home page for instance should help visitors understand the whole essence of the website and make navigation to internal pages easy.

    Take Care of Search Engine Friendliness

Coding yourself and taking responsibility for your design by yourself allows you to take care of all aspects your website including keeping it clean and search engine friendly. You are able to clearly define your meta data and ensure that the website is properly optimized for the search engines.

Now, if you think you aren’t right to do things yourself, then consider these options

2. Try building a website using a Content Management System(CMS)

Building your website with a content management system is one of the easy ways you can easily setup your website with few clicks. If you have a good knowledge of what you want and the tools with which you can setup, then you can install our preferred content management system from the software section of your website control panel using QuickInstall or Softaculous.

Here are a few CMS solutions you may want to consider:

2.1 WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular and user-friendly content management systems. It is supported by tons of available and free plugins with with you can achieve practically anything you desire to develop or implement on your WordPress website. There are also great themes with which yo can customize your WordPress website. With WordPress, you can easily build and update your website.

2.1.1 When Should Use WordPPress

You can use WordPress for everything -- blogs, ecommerce, company website, photography social networks, real estate, sell downloads, etc. Its large community of developers have provided the needed support and have made WordPPress a toll that can be used to do just anything.

2.1.2 Why WordPress is Good Even for Beginners

  •         WordPress is free. You do not need to spend huge sums to run WordPress. WordPress is free and you can start with its basic theme which comes with every successful installation.
  •         Even if you are a beginner and do not have the resources to hire a coder to build your website and customize it for you, you can simply get one of the available custom themes and make your website unique with that. There are many free and custom templates out there you can choose from. Just be sure whichever template you use meets the basic expectations of being well coded, mobile friendly and other features you may have anticipated.
  •     You can always expand the functionality of your website with plugins.. Most of the plugins are free and function just fine. You will however need to take some care before you install any plugin because bad and poorly coded plugins have become a major source of Wordress hacks. You may want to learn more in this article on How A Plugin Installation Can Crash Your Wordpress Website There are additional features you can always easily install if you care for them. There are plugins you can use for eCommerce, social media, security, search engine optimization and more.
  • WordPress has an built-in search function and is good for search engine optimization (SEO). When you use Wordress, you can actuall optimize the siteto rank top in search engies. The WordPPress inbuilt search engine function coupled with additional plugins which can do the search engine job effectively for you are just enough to power your website to the top of search engine result pages. So one definite advantage of WordPress is its search engine optimiation capability.
  • Once a WordPress website is completed, it is easy to add new pages, manage them and add functionality.  For years, clients asked us to make them websites they could easily update themselves. the answer was, “Sorry, there really isn’t an easy way out. With WordPress, you need not to be an expert in coding to do these. WordPress is actually very easy to use. It’s extremely easy to add posts, copy, images, and more. A quick training session will be enough for you to take over your site and manage it yourself.
  • Maintenance and security can be easily handled with WordPress. Because of the very large developer community, security issues are quickly detected and patched before theyy become a problem. The community also supports the software and provide frequent updates that keep WordPress ahead.

2.2 Build Your Website With Joomla

Jomla had always been our favorite at Todhost. Although we also use WordPress, you will find that most of the websites we develop are built with Joomla. Joomla is not only an alternative to WordPress, Joomla is the second most popular content management system after WordPress.. Joomla is another web development tool that gives peace of mind as it is supported b a larger developer community. Here are some of the reasons we recommend you consider joomla in your choice of web development tool:

  • Joomla can cope with a lot of traffic.. If you anticipate a heavy trafficked website like a news website and do not want to be informed by your web hosting company about load problems Joomla is a good option. With Joomla, caching is very effective and a large amount of visitors can be on your site without issues
  •  Easy updating. You can update your Joomla website with just few clicks. Most Joomla extensions can be updated from the admin backend with few clicks. Where the extension happens to be a paid extension, you will only have to maintain an active subscription with the developer to update.
  • Joomla is free. Joomla costs nothing to install. Because it is not completely free to develop despite being available free, we recommend you always support the worK at Joomla with a donation.
  • Joomla is used by some of the world's well known names including Havard University, the government of Nigeria and Greece and the Australian High Court.
  • Joomla has an inspiring default template. If you want to run a simple website with few applications and basic functionalities oomla's default template will simply be enough.
  • Joomla has over 10,000 extensions supported by a huge developer community. so with Joomla, you can do just any thing from running an online school, real estate, business directory, hotel management, e--commerce shop, social networking site and any other thing you can conceive. Joomla has a pool of software that can support your proect.

3 Build Your Website With Drupal

Drupal is the third most popular content management system available today and can be used for both large and small websites. Drupal is also acknowledged to be the most powerful CMS available in terms of coding, security and performance.

If you choose to use Drupal, then you should have a basic knowledge of HTML, PHP and other common web programming languages. You don’t have to be an expert in these but you certainly need a basic understanding to use Drupal.

In deciding to use Drupal, you must bear in mind the issue of security for your website. We recommend that you always maintain a healthy backup for your website because if anything goes wrong and you have to find an expert to fi the problem, Drupal specialists are pretty expensive.

Here is Why Drupal is Preferred by Many

    Technically Advanced – Drupal is undoubtedly the most technically advanced of the three content management systems examined here. Good for technical people who undertand some bit of coding. Not as simple as oomla and WordPress, Drupal is not for those who do not want to spend some time on their work.
    Improved Performance – Drupal gets better performance rating than the rest. Its pages typically load more quickly, and have faster response times than those made with WordPress or Joomla. This is partly because it’s less resource-intensive, requiring a less expensive server or hosting setup. However like with all CMS, adding too many third party plugins can create a problem especially when the plugins are not well coded.
    Customizable – ou can customize your Drupal website with ease using widely available plugins, themes and other configurable options. You can also edit the root files directly if you are good with coding.
    Free – Drupal is freely available. You can download it from the Drupal official site and use at no cost. It is also freely available on most hosting platforms and can be automatically installed with few clicks..

4. Use a website builder.

One way to get our website designed and made available online is to use a site builder. There are lots of website builder available online. On your Todhost cPanel, you will also find a website builder - the Weebly site builder. The good thing is that the website builder is completely free for Todhost clients.

Reasons Why Website Builders Are Recommended

There are lots of reasons why you will want to use a website builder but we will look at some of the most critical that comes to mind:

  • It is free. Easy to use and you bear no cost for using a website builder.
  • You do not handle updates. The developers of the website builder handle all issues regarding compatibility with the latest cPanel software. You need not bother about security and other related issues associated with the popular content management system
  • Secure - website builders are secure as they are protected by the software developers.
  • A site builder will allow you to choose from a set of unique designs without having to spend money on hiring a web designer.
  • Website builders support drag and drop functionality. No coding is required.
  • Website builders make sharing content easy as there are already built-in tools, which you can use for sharing your posts on social media.
  • The are Search Engine friendly - come with built-in tools to get your site indexed by major search engines.
  • You can easily integrate payment methods like PayPal. This feature will however be most relevant for eCommerce sites.
  • Suppport - If your website builder is provided b your hosting company as in the case of Todhost, you will get 24/7 support to get ou through ever difficult you may encounter.

Final Words

There are lots of options available for you to choose from. Your decision must be guided by your needs and what you intend to do. If you want to set up a social network for instance, you will not have to consider building up a website builder to do that for you. oomla or WordPress social networking plugins could ust do the job. So, take your time always and consider what best meets your needs before you choose which wa to go with your choice of website design tool to use.

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