A Guide on How to Reduce the Downtime on a WordPress Website

Downtime can hurt a website's performance in several ways. It can affect the reputation of the website and turn visitors away. High downtime for your website has disastrous consequences. When people click through to your site they want to be able to use it, but if it is offline your audience will quickly loose patience. So what can you do to reduce your WordPress website's downtime?


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In this article we are going to discuss how downtime can negatively affect your WordPress website and how you can monitor your downtime to see if it's a problem. Critically, we are going to look at how you can improve your uptime to help make your site successful.

Why Downtime is Bad for Your WordPress Website

Common sense puts it that you don't want your site to be offline. Downtime will frustrate, confuse, and upset your visitors. When people try to access your site, they will have a goal in mind, that could be to be entertained, learning something new, or making a purchase.

If your website is offline, it can cost you returning visitors, new leads, potential clients, and sales. Downtime can also mean that your site loses credibility with your audience and within your market or industry. A site that has problems with downtime portrays an image of unprofessionalism and would not be a first choice for paying clients. It definitely wouldn't be considered to be a leader and authority in its field.


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The other major reason that you don't want a problem with downtime is that Google, and the other search engines frown at it. Regular downtime will very quickly start to affect your ranking in the search engine results pages, and as we all know, the lower you fall the less traffic you will receive. Therefore, it's vital you do all you can to reduce your WordPress website's downtime.

Monitoring Solutions That Will Track Downtime

The first thing you need to know when considering how to reduce your WordPress website's downtime is just how much your site is affected by this problem. It may well be far more than you think.

One way to do this is to use a monitoring solution to see if, and when, your site is going offline. Here are a few options for measuring your WordPress website's downtime.


Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin that has multiple uses and is worth installing on your site. One important part of Jetpack is its module Monitor, which can help track downtime for you.

Monitor will check you site every 5 minutes to see that it is online. If something goes wrong Jetpack will email you to let you know your site is down, and then again once it is back up and running. This will give you an accurate picture of when your site is offline and how long for each time.


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Pingdom is a popular premium solution for those wanting a little bit more information about their sites performance. Pingdom provides uptime monitoring, using 60+ probe servers from all over the world to test your website up to every minute. If something breaks it immediately alerts you.

However, more impressively, Pingdom offers analytics to help you understand the root cause of each downtime issue. This means you can fix the problem and prevent it reoccurring, resulting in more uptime long term. Plus with the Pingdom Real User Monitoring plugin you can easily integrate Pingdom tools with your WordPress installation.

Choose a Web Host With a Good Reputation

Once you have an idea of how often your site is suffering from downtime then you need to start addressing the causes. Your web hosting could well be one of the problems so it is important that you entrust your site to a professional hosting company like Todhost that won't let you down.

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Todhost Web Hosting Provides Reliable Uptime Guarantee

Todhost hosting plans that come with great technical support, powerful servers and an impressive 99.99% uptime guarantee. You might see that uptime and wonder why it's not 100% - that's because Todhost allows for up to 0.01% of your server time each month for maintenance.

Want to learn more about Todhost and all the features they offer with their managed WordPress hosting plans? Checkout our full hosting review.

Tips For Choosing The Right Hosting

When choosing a web hosting provider don't be swayed by the price or size of the outfit. It maybe a cheap deal, but if your web host can't guarantee uptime then your site will quickly be losing the money you saved on hosting.

Equally, just because a hosting solution is well known, it doesn't mean it is reliable. Even well-known hosts can have problems so do your research and check companies hosting reports before signing up.

Therefore, if you want to reduce your WordPress website's downtime investing in quality hosting is a great place to start.

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Keep Your Site's Security Up to Date

One of the main ways your uptime can be effected is by security breaches. Issues with security can range from irritating viruses to your whole site being hacked, all which can increase your site's downtime rate dramatically.

There are many ways of improving the security on your WordPress site. At the most basic level, you should regularly change your passwords, update WordPress themes and plugins, and perform daily malware scans. However, investing in a WordPress security plugin is one of the best ways to keep your site safe and your downtime at a minimum.

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Wordfence Security

The WordPress Wordfence Security plugin provides free protection for your site against hackers and malware. Its Web Application Firewall prevents problems before they happen and the Wordfence Scan will instantly alert you in the event your site is compromised.

There is also a premium version of this plugin, incorporating a range of extra high tech security technologies, like real-time threat defense. Free or premium, Wordfence Security is a great plugin to install if you want to keep your site safe and online.


VaultPress is a premium security and backup solution for WordPress sites. This powerful feature rich plugin will not only protect your site from all security issues big and small but it also offers protection if the worst was to happen.

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and your whole website had disappeared due to a security breach. Now we are talking about severe downtime, as you have to slowly but surely rebuild your site.

VaultPress enables you to backup your site and lets you restore it quickly and easily. Not only will you always have a workable copy of your site, but your uptime should never be seriously impacted.

he right backup plugin can greatly help reduce your WordPress website's downtime in the unfortunate event of your site being hacked or corrupted in some other way.

Maintenance and Optimization

As well as implementing a robust backup and restore process, it's important to carry out regular optimization and maintenance of your WordPress website, including its database.

You can find out more about how to keep your website running smoothly in our guide to optimizing the WordPress database and our beginner's guide to WordPress website maintenance.

And if this all sounds like too much work then you could always enlist the services of a professional WordPress support service and let them take care of reducing your WordPress website's downtime.

Final Thoughts

The importance of putting in the work to reduce your WordPress website's downtime cannot be underestimated. By choosing a professional web hosting service, monitoring your downtime, and keeping on top of your site's security and maintenance tasks you should be able to maximize your site's uptime.

This should result in better rankings in the search engines, happier visitors, and ultimately a more successful and better-performing website.

Does your website suffer from downtime? What do you think is causing it? Please let us know how you now plan to reduce your WordPress website's downtime in the comments below.

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