Best Slider Plugins for WordPress Websites

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Using sliders are a great way to build an appealing website. We have seen tons of sliders some have very appealing look and when we come across some great sliders, we are persuaded to go for them and purchase for our projects. WordPress as we know depends on plugins for its aesthetics and sliders are just one of those applications that add value to a WordPress website.

To begin with, what are the features that make a great slider? The answer will vary with respondents and may be countless. A good slider should however have these features:

        Smooth animated effects
        Parallax layers
        Quick image uploading
        Stylish fonts and buttons

Not all of these features will appeal to you but they will one way or the other influence the decision of a purchaser or user. In this post we have put together a list of the best slider plugins we think you should consider for your WordPress website. Here we go.

1. Nivo Slider

This is a great plugin for WordPress slides. It has nearly all the functionalities you will want in a slider. Although it is slightly a costly plugin, going for a starting price of $39 it is worth a great try. With Nivo Slider, you can  create some incredible effects. Nivo Slider has an intuitive interface which makes it easy to create sliders and add them to your site using short codes.

Finally, Nivo Slider is purposely lightweight, which offers minimal impact to your page load times. It’s a great option for adding a slider to your website.

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2. Slider Revolution

This is another premium WordPress slider plugin. The Slider Revolution plugin is one of the most popular slider plugins on the market — and justifiably so. It provides stylish, full-width sliders that are perfectly responsive. You can implement the slider on any website since it looks remarkable on any device.

The plugin also comes prepackaged with animation loops, ensuring that your customers aren’t left with a frozen slider if they linger on your homepage for a while.

3. Soliloquy

The Soliloquy slider plugin also a premium plugin, starts out at $19, but the pricing can go all the way up to $249, depending on how many sites you plan on using it. If you can’t stand working with some of the free WordPress slider plugins because of their confusing interfaces, this plugin provides a good option. It’s responsive, and it gives you the power to quickly import and export previously created slides, cutting down on time spent transferring to other sites.

4. Cyclone Slider 2

Cyclone Slider 2 is a free slider and so is quite a very popular option – includes a drag and drop interface for even the most inexperienced designers. The responsive slide system works so good that every independent slider is unique, pulling from templates and helping designers create something different every time.

5. SlideDeck

The SlideDeck plugin has both free and premium versions, but I’ve found that the free option includes most of the tools that the average web designer uses. So it can just be okay going with the free option. The paid version has more features and good for those who want to explore all its potentials. For example, the lite version offers responsive viewing on all devices. You can place both videos and images in the sliders, and the design process is rather intuitive, with easy insertion for posts and templates.

This is an affordable, simple and quite a great slider if you plan on connecting to platforms like YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest.

6. EasyRotator

The EasyRotator plugin is also another free slider plugin, and primarily, its advantage lie in its simplicity. It is very simple to use by just uploading a few videos or photos, click a few buttons and you can view a stylish slider on the front end of your site. seconds.

It comes with 45 flexible templates, making it attractive and easy for people at all levels of experience. This slider also comes ready with SEO settings.

7. Slider Pro

Slider Pro goes at $29. It's worth the money because this is a great plugin with exciting features. This Elegant designs, quick creation tools and responsiveness are all included. You can connect the plugin to your Flickr account to automatically pull your content and serve it up on your website. Touch-swipe capabilities work well for users on iPads or tablets, and the animated layers help you grab user attention and this can actually lead to more sales and better repeat visits.


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8. LayerSlider

The LayerSlider plugin goes for $20 but it doesn’t only offer sliders. You’re also able to add image galleries and slideshows with layer slider.

LayerSlider provides over 200 2D and 3D transitions, and you can build your own custom transitions with the editor. It comes with a powerful drag-and-drop editor and real-time previews, as well as importing, exporting and moving components in a timeline view.

This slider is also SEO friendly and the implication for that is that you need not bother optimizing your slider for search engines, this slider makes it easy you you to optimize your slider.


  •     Layer slider is responsive
  •     Single Image Layer
  •     Multiple Text Layer slider
  •     Background Image option for each slide
  •     Create Unlimited slider
  •     Text custom settings in slideshow option
  •     Image Layer Custom Settings in slider option
  •     9 Animaton Effects settigs in slider option

9. Easing Slider

The Easing Slider is a free WordPress slider plugin, with full responsiveness and bulk image uploading for placing a large amount of images into a single slider. It allows you to customize its basic styles and also allows you to expand its functionality with some of the many available extensions.

Key Features

  • Responsive & ready for all devices
  • Seamless integration with the WordPress admin area
  • Full WordPress Media Library integration
  • Smooth transitions thanks to hardware acceleration
  • Professional & reliable code by experienced PHP developers
  • Lazy Loading for extremely fast page loading times
  • Lots of add-ons to enhance functionality.

10. Smooth Slider

Another free slider plugin with the advantage of allowing you links to recent or featured posts with ease. The interface is rather simple to use, and there really aren’t many buttons or settings to confuse you. It is also a fully responsive plugn.

The slideshows you create are search engine optimized for bringing new people to your site, and the Settings panel provides full control over the way your sliders look on the front end. This plugin comes with six transition effects, which is a great feature for a free plugin like this. It is easy to use and does not require professional tweaks to make things work well.

11. Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is an intuitive plugin that enables you to quickly build responsive slideshows, as well as include videos from both YouTube and Vimeo. Its easy-to-use editor enables you to work with multiple layers, build slides through a drag-and-drop interface, and preview content live before you publish it.

This plugin also includes a touch-friendly design, autoplay configurations, and multiple slider controls to change styles and positions. We definitely recommend that you check out the developers’ documentation, to learn more about what this plugin can do.

Key Features of Smart Slider3

  •     NEW: Content slide builder – Edit your slides as you used to in page builders. Drop layers after each other and structure them with rows and columns.
  •     NEW: Slide library – Slide Library provides several pre-made slides to kickstart your work.
  •     User-friendly Editor – Anyone can build with Smart Slider. The interface comes with drag&drop builder and live preview.
  •     Totally integrated with WordPress – media manager, shortcode, widget, post permalinks, post editor
  •     Totally responsive and touch friendly .
  •     Dynamic Slides
  •     Customizable controls – Arrows, Bullets, Autoplay, Bar, Thumbnails, Shadows
  •     Slide backgrounds – 9 Super smooth background animations
  •     Layers – Build unique design with 6 varied layers: Image, Heading, Text, Button, Vimeo, YouTube
  •     Sample sliders – 6 sliders to start

12. Royal Slider

RoyalSlider is a premium image gallery and content slider tool that comes in multiple formats. This WordPress plugin is fast, responsive, and touch-enabled for mobile devices. It can be used to quickly create high-quality galleries from your Instagram, Flickr, or 500px accounts.

The Royal Slider is a very beautiful slider fully friendly for SEO and also enables you to use text, animated blocks, short codes, images, and videos.

13. Responsive Slider by MotoPress

Responsive Slider by MotoPress plugin offers a user-friendly way to build great slides and implement animated effects. It features a drag-and-drop interface, so you never have to touch any code. Instead, you can use it to quickly build search engine optimized slideshows that work on any device.

The following ey features are listed for this plugin:

  •     Drag and Drop functionality
  •     Opportunity to build unlimited sliders
  •     Ability to create SEO-friendly slides
  •     Touch and mouse swipe navigation
  •     Fully responsive and mobile ready layouts
  •     Full-width slideshow support
  •     Layer based animation
  •     Options to preview a bunch of animation effects
  •     Opportunity to add video backgrounds
  •     Quick Slider settings access directly from the frontend
  •     Possibility to set link to each slide and image layer
  •     Ability to use slider in both pages and posts

14. MetaSlider

The MetaSlider offers a smart and simple interface to create SEO-optimized slideshow. You can easily drag and drop images from your WordPress media library to create a gallery, and then add captions, links, and SEO data.

Its key features are summarized below;

  • Simple, easy to use interface – perfect for individual users, developers & clients!
  • Creates Responsive, SEO-optimized slideshows in seconds
  • Unrestricted support for Image slides (supports caption, link, title text, alt text)
  • Full width slideshow support
  • Drag and drop slide reordering
  • Admin preview
  • Set image crop position
  • Built in Widget and Shortcode
  • Loads of slideshow configuration options – transition effect, speed etc (per slideshow)
  • WordPress Multi Site compatible
  • Compatible with translation plugins (WPML, PolyLang & qTranslate)
  • Fast – only the minimum JavaScript/CSS is included on your page

15. Master Slider

Master Slider is a free slider plugin. It is not the last though we are taking it as the last in our discussion. It is a great plugin with exiting functionalities also.. It is SEO friendly and has an easy-to-use interface, is responsive on any device, and enables you to create slideshows with its drag-and-drop slider creator. This is one of the most robust slider plugins you can find for free.

The plugin also has a paid version which comes for $24 for a regular license, and costs $60 for an extended license. Getting started with the free option is a good way to acquaint yourself with the functionalities of this plugin.

According to WordPress official release, its ey features include;

• SEO Friendly Slider Plugin!
• Easy to Use Interface
• Simply Create Fully Responsive and Device Optimized Sliders with 8 starter samples
• Use Sliders Cross-browser and Works Well on All Popular Browsers!
• Superlative Lightweight Outputs
• HTML5 Valid and Clean Markups
• Touch Swipe Navigation
• Manage Slideshows with Autoplay Timing Options!
• 24h Support with Expert Agents
• Drag and Drop Slider Creation
• Hardware Accelerated CSS3 3D Transforms
• Smart Loading Assets
• 6+ Interactive Slide Transitions
• Smart auto crop
• Loop and linear sliding
• Shuffle Ordering Slides Option
• Auto-height Slider
• Fully Customizable Thumbnail and Tabs
• 6 Modern and Unique Skins
• 5 Image Positioning Options (fill, fit, tile,…)
• Advanced Import And Export Tool
• Built-in Cache Boosting
• Multisite Compatible


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Sliders are great for many reasons, one is the beaut it adds to your website and the other is the opportunity it offers to display key elements of your website and the products you showcase. We have looked at lots of plugins that offers this functionality. Most of them have a free version offering you the opportunity to give it a try at no risks. So, get on with your preferred slider and share the post.

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