Common Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Converting

Is your website getting enough traffic but no conversions? Then, it's time for you to analyze. 'WHAT IS WRONG?' Everyone in the digital marketing industry knows that a high traffic website without good conversions is meaningless. Conversion is more important than traffic if you want to increase revenue. And that's the main purpose of every business, to maximize profits for its owners. So if your conversion rate sucks, you simply need to know the reasons why your website is not converting. Learning these things will help you focus on improving your marketing strategies and start getting more sales.

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Understand Why You Should Care About Conversion Rates

You have no way of knowing how much your website is contributing to sales if you don't calculate your conversion rate. Remember that when it comes to measuring website success, you don't just look at your total number of visitors per month. Because getting traffic isn’t the end-all of digital marketing. All that traffic and all those potential opportunities are going to waste if your site isn’t converting.

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'I'm getting visitors to my website, but not making any money.'

You’ve spent time, energy and money getting your website up for your business. But still, you end up not making any money. You're not making any sales. There are no conversions that are happening. Instead of hitting the panic button, keep calm and try to determine the problem.

The idea of conversion rate is nothing new. For anyone who is running a business through a website, the most critical metric is sales conversions. It will help you paint an accurate picture of what’s really going on with your website. And that's really hard to ignore. So, what should your marketing efforts be to optimize conversion rate? Before we get into the details, we want to highlight the reasons why your website is not converting to get you thinking first.

Top 5 Common Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Converting

1. Your website lacks user-friendliness.

This is probably the number one reason why a website is not converting. It is simply not giving a visitor the chance to convert because of its complicated navigational components. That is true. If a website is too confusing to effectively navigate, it can drive a potential customer right away. Well, who would want to stay in a place that is very unfamiliar and confusing to use? No one!

Therefore, every navigational feature of your website must be a careful consideration. Don't let your visitors struggle with finding out what you have in store for them. Avoid any illogical structure. Instead, keep your website a simple yet professional place for everyone to research and inquire. When designing your website's navigational system, think of your visitor's convenience. It will make them easily remember you.

2. Your website focuses on the design, not on your goals.

A beautiful amazing website appearance does not guarantee sales. This could be one of the reasons why your website is not converting. You have probably focused more on your website's design and not on how to convert every single visitor who checks on your website. Although a pretty site is one factor to attract traffic, it does not give a great impact on a customer's purchase decision.

There are a lot of contributing factors to get one successful conversion. You have to work on those elements. Set your goal as your motivation to achieve your target sales rate. Grab your visitor’s attention by providing them a pleasing website but don't forget to give them what they need. Research and know their challenges. Provide answers and solutions on your website. That's the easiest way to win the hearts and trust of your potential customers.

3. You are posting the wrong content.

Your website contents highly matter when it comes to successful marketing. Yes. The information you provide on your website through the contents you post and share actually impact the number of leads and sales your website gets. Therefore, posting any form of erroneous content can be bad for your website. On the contrary, valuable and insightful articles, video animations and images can boost your website's reputation for better conversion.

One of the strongest foundations of a website that converts is its content. According to studies, 82% of the modern buyers read brand articles and watch product videos to help them make their purchase decision. It is crucial to make sure that any form of content you have on your website are delivering the right and truthful information.

4. You're targeting the wrong audience.

To get sales, you need buyers. But buyers don't just come anywhere. They have their unique profiles especially if your product or service is intended for a specific group of people. To be able to bring in the right visitors on your website, your website needs to adapt to what your target audience wants and needs. From the design of your website, its content and its navigational components. Every aspect of your site must be pleasing to your target audience.

Failing to do so will confuse your visitors. Wrong people coming in, right people aren't just coming. You'll be off the target. And that is one wrongful move that you need to prevent from happening. When it comes to aligning your website with the goals of your consumers, there are marketing experts who can help you.

5. Your website is BORING!

A lifeless, boring website is one of the most common reasons why your website is not converting. If it's dull, it's less valuable for people. In digital marketing, you need to make sure that you are providing your audience with an interactive virtual medium. There are literally hundreds and thousands of websites circulating the web today. For you to compete, you need to have that 'attention-grabbing' factor.

It's no magic. You have to work on it. Fix the problem of your website. There are quick and easy remedies. One good example is to avoid putting so many texts and lack of images.

Final Words!

If you’re tired of attracting tons of visitors without converting them, evaluate your own website and change it up a bit. There could be hundreds of reasons why your website is not converting, but there are thousands of ways to make your website the best place for sure buyers.

Author Bio: Khristine Agase contributed this article. Agase is content manager for Izideo

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