How to Develop Favourable Business Values That Work For Your Brand

Your business is a good as the image it creates for itself. If you fail to maintain the right values by what you portray to the public, your public image and reputation can be seriously hurt and that can ruin your entire business. Business values help to create an image for your company and you should strive to have a good value system that builds confidence, encourages product trials and ultimately increases business growth . Business values encompasses all that your business cherishes, the practices, beliefs, philosophies that guide your business operations and activities. That will include its return policies, money back, support, delivery and complaints handling procedures as well as other practices that can be seen as the way your company works. For instance, if [...]

4 Easy Steps to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

One critically important factor playing a major role in how Google assesses websites is User Experience . Google places a lot of importance on how users perceive websites, how much websites satisfy user intents and provide answers sought by visitors. One of the indices that can help Google understand user perception is Bounce rate - the rate at which visitors navigate through a website beyond the landing page. By landing page,, we mean the page that you click from a search result, an ad or a link. If a visitor does not go beyond the landing page to look at other pages, it suggests some dissatisfaction with the answers or solutions provided by the website and that the visitor may not have found what he or she was looking for. That would suggest a bad user [...]

Leverage your Branding for eCommerce Business Growth

The world is currently experiencing drastic transformation in various aspects such as socialization, business operations, and the digital revolution. The Covid-19 pandemic is non-compromising, depriving the world of socializing privilege. This awakens the desire to operate, work, and live in online-based communities . Today's entrepreneurs are building eCommerce businesses to sell, promote and thrive in the business industry. Now, the eCommerce business is highly embraced by customers seeking quality products and services. Thousands of online shoppers flock to the internet to purchase or shop around for favorite products. Though the online market is gaining popularity , customers tend to stick to popular eCommerce sites. This poses a business threat to new [...]

Tips and Tricks That Will Grow Your Business Amazingly

Business growth is the desire of every entrepreneur. It comes with increased sales , profits, opens up your business to greater opportunities and builds your capacity to deal with turbulent situations. To successfully grow your business, there are practices you must imbibe in your decision making coupled with some tips you need that should guide your marketing . Here are the things you need to do to grow grow your business: Discover new markets. Find new clients. Test your website performance and functionality   Launch Into New Markets Before you launch into any market, you need to evaluate the potential of the maret and be properly guided on its profitability. Here is a simple guide to help you achieve this. 1. [...]

How to Write SEO Performing Website Titles

Your website title is one of the most important aspects of your website. It is the first thing displayed by the search engines and can significantly influence clickthrough rates. Additionally, page titles are a ranking factor so crafting a good web page title should be taken very seriously. What is a Good Page Title? Of course, every title cannot be considered good. So what are the things you need to take into consideration when crafting your page title? This post provides a guide into what amounts to a good page title and the things you should avoid when crafting page titles.   How to Write Good Website Titles First, keep in mind that website titles are important and so you need to consciously commit to writing good titles. Here are the basic [...]

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