Deliberate Link Building Can be Offensive to Google

In over a decade of research and writing on Search Eng ine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we have observed with some certainty that the Google search engine algorithm seems to be offended with deliberate link building. In this post, we identify and discuss link building tactics which fall into this category and have the tendency to hurt your website ranking . What is Deliberate Link Building Deliberate link building (DLB) is any link building effort that is aggressive and solely designed to target link earning and not necessarily emanating from the value of the link to the page content and the website users. DLB could be internal linking or directed at inbound e xternal links . The focus of deliberate link building is [...]

10 Tips to a Successful Online Marketing Campaign

Sales and traffic growth are two marketing goals every website strives to achieve and continually improve on. Organically, these will be achieved through higher search engine rankings which intrinsically depend on the quality of your website . On the other hand, paid advertising can significantly drive targeted traffic but this comes with a huge budget. In this post, we examine the basic considerations that should guide your growth strategies and drive your online marketing success .   The Key Steps in Planning Your Online Marketing Campaign One of the mistakes website owners make is to presume that the internet space guarantees success and all that is necessary to make money online is to have a website. This is erroneous. To succeed in [...]

Understanding User Experience Impact on Website Performance

The way Google assesses websites is constantly changing and User Experience (UX) has become one key ranking factor for the Google Search Engine. Logically, you can understand that Google itself faces competition and is very concerned about how best it should serve its customers and stay ahead of competition. One important aspect of this decision is to ensure that users are served with the best search results not only in respect of the answers they provide to user queries but the usability and performance of the websites they are referred to from the search results. So, as Google continues to boost its search quality by adding new tools and features for developers, user experience has become a key factor for SEO . In this post, we will further explain how website [...]

13 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your SEO Efforts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is unquestionably a fundamental way to grow traffic and revenue for every website owner. First, it is an economically guaranteed way to build your business. It grows your organic traffic incredibly especially when you achieve top ranking for a high traffic keyword. SEO is by far a cheaper means of promotion than paid advertising and it helps you stay at the top of search engine results and sustain your business profitability . But search engine optimization has rules and when done wrongly can hurt your business in the most devastating ways. You can lose your ranking gains by some mistakes you make. Here we discuss the mistakes you need to avoid to sustain your SEO gains.   SEO Mistakes That Hurt [...]

5 SEO Winning Tips You Should Take Seriously

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quite a complex task and sometimes can become complicated especially because it is more of an art and constantly changing. Moreover, the exact metrics used by the search engines to rank websites remain a secret. Fortunately, in that respect, there are some precise and very helpful guides on how the search engines work, though there are no exact documents expressly stating the specific metrics used by Google and other search engines to assess websites. In this post, we examine four (4) winning tips that can produce big results for your website in the search engines. Although not presented in any order of priority, these tips can be very helpful for your website to gain top rank. So here we go! SEO Tips That Guarantee Top [...]

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