10 Plugins to Help You Manage High Loads in Joomla

High loads on server is one thing web hosts detest. Failing to fix high load issues can disrupt the smooth  functionality of websites , it sometimes makes it difficult to connect to databases resulting into errors . High loads can sometimes lead to an outright downtime . Web hosts will frown at all these situations and could take strict penalties which could include an outright website suspension if the issue is not addresses.   Further reading: Best Plugins for Faster Loading WordPress Websites How to fix a slow-loading website Tested Tips To Increase Joomla Website Loading Speed Common Reasons Access to Your Website Can be Restricted   Google confirmed that the speed factor will [...]

Reasons Your Website is Not Ranking on Google SERP

Top ranking on search engines especially on the Google Search Engine Result Pages, SERPs , is a primary goal for every website. The higher your website ranking , the more traffic you get and that has been found to correlate with your sales conversion . But achieving high rankings is not so easy and there are no easy ways to it. You just have to work hard following the rules and guidelines prescribed by Google and you will achieve your desired results . In this post, we have outlined experience-based reasons your website ranking could suffer . Here are the top and pervasive reasons we have have identified.   Further reading: 9 Steps to Gain Top Ten Ranking in Google Search Rankings How Your Content Can Be Featured in [...]

Top link Building strategies Recommended for online stores

Link Building is certainly one of the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies you should take seriously if you are really serious about search engine ranking . But not all link building strategies work and not all of them are rewarding.   Further reading: 3 Step Guide to Building Quality Backlinks for SEO Best link building strategies recommended by industry experts Best Link Building Techniques Recommended For Higher Ranking in Google Link Building Strategies That Will Boost Your Search Engine Ranking   Are you looking for a great way to boost your online presence ? If you have an online business , you have probably already noticed that the competition is huge. It can be [...]

How to Properly Use Redirects on Your Website

Redirects are an indispensable technique that can be helpful in many different SEO use cases . But you have to understand how to use them rightly. Start using redirects on your website by learning the right way to use them for SEO .   Further reading: Boost Your Website SEO with Google Analytics Best SEO Plugins For the Major Website Platforms Best Link Building Techniques Recommended For Higher Ranking in Google Best Internal Linking Strategy to Boost Your SEO Best Free Analytic Tools to Power Your SEO Strategy    What is a URL redirect? A redirect is a technique used to forward or "redirect" a URL requested by a client (browser) to another URL. A redirect is completed when the [...]

7 Google Analytic Metrics You Need to Monitor for Your Website

Google Analytics is an amazing tool that can help you optimize your blog posts for conversion and search engine presence . If you take blogging seriously, then you need to know how well your blog posts are reaching your audience, and what kind of response they’re eliciting. Google Analytics is an amazing free tool that can help you do just that. In this post, we look at some Google Analytic metrics you need to track to measure how your website or blog is performing.   Further reading: 7 Simple Steps That Will Help You Optimize Your Blog Posts Boost Your Website SEO with Google Analytics Conversion Rate Optimization - How to turn prospects into customers Useful Tips and Tricks for WordPress Search Engine [...]

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