Top link Building strategies Recommended for online stores

Link Building is certainly one of the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies you should take seriously if you are really serious about search engine ranking . But not all link building strategies work and not all of them are rewarding.   Further reading: 3 Step Guide to Building Quality Backlinks for SEO Best link building strategies recommended by industry experts Best Link Building Techniques Recommended For Higher Ranking in Google Link Building Strategies That Will Boost Your Search Engine Ranking   Are you looking for a great way to boost your online presence ? If you have an online business , you have probably already noticed that the competition is huge. It can be [...]

How to Properly Use Redirects on Your Website

Redirects are an indispensable technique that can be helpful in many different SEO use cases . But you have to understand how to use them rightly. Start using redirects on your website by learning the right way to use them for SEO .   Further reading: Boost Your Website SEO with Google Analytics Best SEO Plugins For the Major Website Platforms Best Link Building Techniques Recommended For Higher Ranking in Google Best Internal Linking Strategy to Boost Your SEO Best Free Analytic Tools to Power Your SEO Strategy ?   What is a URL redirect? A redirect is a technique used to forward or "redirect" a URL requested by a client (browser) to another URL. A redirect is completed when the [...]

7 Google Analytic Metrics You Need to Monitor for Your Website

Google Analytics is an amazing tool that can help you optimize your blog posts for conversion and search engine presence . If you take blogging seriously, then you need to know how well your blog posts are reaching your audience, and what kind of response they’re eliciting. Google Analytics is an amazing free tool that can help you do just that. In this post, we look at some Google Analytic metrics you need to track to measure how your website or blog is performing.   Further reading: 7 Simple Steps That Will Help You Optimize Your Blog Posts Boost Your Website SEO with Google Analytics Conversion Rate Optimization - How to turn prospects into customers Useful Tips and Tricks for WordPress Search Engine [...]

Best Practices to Align Your Sales and Marketing Performance

Marketing and Sales: Communication is Essential Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand, especially for business-to-business companies. For the business funnel to work smoothly, communication between the two departments is essential. Your marketing team has a job to do, which is to generate leads for your company . They do this through multiple activities, which include critical market research . They gather information and learn about your customer base. Marketing creates ads - whether in print, broadcast or digital – designed to target the customers' business needs. They create the marketing materials your sales team will use. They generate the leads your sales team will follow. Your sales team has a job as well, which is to [...]

Analysing Keywords and Backlinks with Semrush Competitor Analysis

Like any task in marketing, the best way to do competitor analysis is through a consistent and proven process. To study your competition and get ahead of them, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but you do need to do your due diligence.  We break down the process of analyzing your competition into five main steps. The same five steps can be taken when analyzing both keywords and backlinks - two of the most important SEO factors . How to Do Competitive Keyword Analysis 1. Identify Your Competitors 2. Pinpoint Their Strengths 3. See How Your Keywords Stack Up 4. Find Your Keyword Opportunities 5. Report and Execute Your Next Steps How to Do Competitive Backlink Analysis 1. Identify [...]

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