27 On-Page SEO Checklist for Top Search Engine Performance

On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), commonly called on-page SEO or on-site SEO focuses on the structural and technical aspects of your website that can affect how your website ranks on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Because they are aspects of your website SEO which have to do with the web page itself, they are generally within the control of the website designer.   What is On-Page SEO? Wikipedia defines on-page SEO commonly termed as “on-site SEO,” as the practice of optimizing web pages and content for the users and search engines to boost ranking and generate website traffic. It then follows that on-page SEO factors will relate to elements and attributes inside of a website. This will include content, [...]

Beginner Guide to Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is simply a phrase that has been used to describe marketing in the virtual world. It refers to the activities involved with generating ideas , developing the products and services into deliverables , packaging, presenting, offering, promoting and transmitting products and services using the internet. In this post we look at the fundamental and basic determinations that should guide your internet marketing decisions .   Further reading: 13 Tools That Will Enhance Your Online Marketing Efforts Basic Marketing Tips and Tricks That Produce Big Results   The Internet Marketing Plan There is a common saying that failing to plan is planning to fail. Unfortunately, planning the internet [...]

How Does Google Analytics Impact Your Website Ranking

Google Analytics measures performance indicators used to monitor, analyze and optimize user behaviors on websites . Google Analytics is free and so when combined with other free tools like Google Search Console measures can really provide actionable insights into website performance. But how Google Analytics affects website ranking and whether it is a ranking signal is a debate that has been going on. Before we move to find an answer to this question, we need to properly situate the place of GA as a key measurement tool for webmasters. So we begin with a list of most critical and important Google Analytics metrics you will need to track, that are impactful and give an insight into your website performance.   Further reading: [...]

Basic SEO Principles for Beginners

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization . It simply refers to the tweaks and modifications you do to your website to improve its chances of higher ranking in the search engines . Because Google is the dominant and leading search engine, most discussions on SEO centers around the prescriptions and recommendations of Google and this post will not be different. So, in this post, we will cover the following: What is SEO The importance of SEO SEO Categorization Why SEO keeps changing What is good SEO What is bad SEO What are the basic principles of SEO What can frustrate your SEO efforts Conclusions   Further reading: How Content Marketing Can Boost Your Online Marketing [...]

Google Exact Match Keyword Penalty Explained

The Search Engines are like a market place on the internet where everyone goes to sell freely. But the profitability of the website will depend on how close it is to the top in the search engine result pages (SERPS) . Achieving such top ranking requires that you satisfy Google's expectations complying with its SEO guidelines. One of the faults with many SEO efforts is the temptation to use exact match keywords in domains, titles, and content. Studies have shown that using exact match keywords comes with a lot of benefits and gives some advantages. Google has found that in many cases, very poor quality websites are able to rank top in its search engines with exact match domains and keywords in titles and content. In SEO, exact-match [...]

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