10 Most Important Google SEO Ranking Factors

The requirements for proper website optimization keep changing and there are no hard rules. Google rolls out updates daily and major updates to its algorithm are released once in a while.  Being able to rank in top positions therefore requires that you keep up with the changes and monitor the rules to implement them as they roll out. SEO is important for your business success and it probably remains the leading strategy for small businesses to outperform large businesses on the web and that can also translate into large sales and revenues. According to Backlinko , Google uses about 200 signals to rank websites. Attempting to comply with all these signals will be an excellent thing to do but in reality, that can be really enormous. [...]

Why WordPress is so Powerful and Popular

WordPress has come a long way since it was first launched in 2003. It has grown to become the most popular Content Management System today with a large community of developers supporting the software. You will only appreciate the power and beauty of WordPress when you begin using it and learn about its facilitating popularity. WordPress now powers 40.0% of all websites on the internet, that's no mean fit with over 1.7 billion websites available on the web today. But very few, including those who use WordPress can tell the story of how WordPress has grown to become such a top preference for developers and earned such outstanding popularity.   Further reading: 27 Free WordPress SEO Plugins that Will Improve Your Website Search [...]

An Easy Guide to Website Development Planning

Planning is a prerequisite to success and it is commonly said that those who fail to plan actually plan to fail. If your company’s website needs an overhaul—or if you don’t have a site yet at all— getting started with your website can be intimidating. After all, your site is the core of your online presence , and it needs to be an accurate reflection of what your company has to offer in the highly competitive online market. But before you can do any work on the site, you need to have a plan in place . A plan sets out what you intend to do, how you intend to do it to achieve your goals. So whether you are working on a redesign or building a new site from the ground up, planning is necessary for you to have a framework of how [...]

A Practical Guide to Page Speed Improvement

Page speed means a lot for website users. It affects user experience in the sense that users do not like websites that load slowly . Google says you lose up to 0.8 percent conversion for every extra one second in load time. The bottom line is that when potential customers visit a website, they do not want the page to take too long to load. Pages that take a long time to load can completely disrupt users’ experience and turn people away from your website . In this post, we’ll discuss the basics behind page speed as a ranking factor and several ways to improve your page speed .   Further reading: Basic Website Speed Optimization Guide Basic Tips and Tricks That Can Boost The Speed of Your Website 16 [...]

How to Boost WordPress Speed

WordPress is a very popular web development platform. With more than 72 million WordPress sites on the Web (and still counting!), an estimated 35percent of ecommerce websites powered by WooCommerce , the ecommerce plugin for WordPress, WordPress deserve the interests it gets.   Further reading: How to Get Best Speed Performance with WordPress The Complete Guide to WordPress Speed Optimization Basic Website Speed Optimization Guide     With increasing emphasis on site speed coming from Google, understanding how to speed up your WordPress website is importance if you will maintain and improve the competitiveness of your site on the search engines. Google has announce the website speed is [...]

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