Best Free Image Compression Tools

Image compression is now very essential to optimize the performance of websites . Optimizing your images for your website will help your site load faster . The improved loading time speeds mean better search engine rankings ! We have found some image optimization tools and in this guide, we will share the best free image optimization tools you can use for image compression.   Further reading: How to fix a slow-loading website Enhance your search engine performance in simple steps Image Optimization for High Ranking Image Optimization for the Web   Many desktop photo editing programs like Adobe Photoshop optimize images but, depending on your budget, these programs may be very expense for you and you [...]

10 Online Retailing Mistakes That Can Lead to Customer Loss

To convert a customer and build customer loyalty , your site should provide a flawless experience . Any pain points or inconvenience runs the risk of losing a customer as they usually will abandon their purchase. To overcome this, we have identified the 10 points of vigilance to remove all obstacles in the customer's buying process . From display times to transaction emails, discover the errors you need to avoid .   Further reading: How to Build a Good Customer Experience to Improve your Website Conversion Rate WordPress Helpdesk and Support Plugins to Boost Customer Experience     1. An excessively long response time Waiting time is the number 1 priority for customer relations in all sectors. On [...]

Harnessing the Power of Social Media Marketing in Business Growth

Starting from lead generation to building customer loyalty , social media supports a wide variety of marketing efforts . One marketing activity in particular that has become easier and more effective than ever is marketing for specific locations, thanks to the growing influence of social media . Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat offer small businesses a number of opportunities to promote their business in their local area . This post will cover how to use these social media platforms to experience the benefits of building customers and growing the sales for small businesses .   Local Internet Marketing with Google You may be thinking to yourself, “but Google isn’t a social media platform!” Well, the Google My [...]

How Good Does Expression Engine Handle SEO Signals

According to Backlinko, Google looks at about 200 Factors when deciding how to rank your content. Looking at that list, you will discover that most ranking factors are handled outside of the CMS : We have listed what we consider the most important Google ranking signals here. According to Backlinko, the most important signals include the following: Number and quality of backlinks The quality of your content The length of your content Use of images with content If the search keyword is in your title tag Use of an SSL certificate (so your URL is "https://" rather than "http://") If the site domain name matches the search keyword Domain registration length Number of social shares Magnitude and frequency of [...]

How to avoid and recover from Google penalties

The most common and likely reason Google will penalize your website is if you used spammy methods to promote your website . In such cases, it can really be very difficult to recover from a website penalty . However, if you follow the guide provided in this post, you will be able to avoid Google penalties and also learn how to recover from a Google penalty . Further reading: Website Cloaking: What The Search Engines Allow and Disallow The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO The Top Most Important Google Ranking Factors he Most Common Reasons Why Your Website can be Penalyzed by Google The keys to high rankings in Google's local results SEO Myths That Can Kill Your Ranking Gains SEO Basics -The First Steps to [...]

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