Best Free Analytic Tools to Power Your SEO Strategy

For newbies (and many experts as well) search engine optimization (SEO) is overwhelming. But as with many things, having the right tools can make a difficult task more manageable. For anyone working to improve their rankings in the search engines , there are a wealth of SEO tools available to help you with the process. For those with small budgets, you’ll be pleased to learn that many of the most useful SEO tools available are entirely free.   Further reading: 11 Alternatives to Google Analytics Data Gathering Tools A Checklist For Analysing Your Website's SEO Best Google Analytic Plugin for WordPress Best Intelligence Tools for Market and Competitive Analysis   10 Free SEO Tools Worth [...]

10 obstacles to good ranking for websites and contents

There can be dozens of reasons why content on your site isn’t ranking , but most of the time, there are just a handful of factors that are most likely the culprits .  While our list below isn’t all-inclusive, chances are that if you’re not ranking, it’s one or more of the following factors that may be responsible . Before diving into the list, it’s worth getting on the same page about why we put such an emphasis and importance on “ranking”. Why ranking is so important At the end of the day, your website is likely working well when it generates great leads for your sales team. But the question that you may be wondering next is probably, “Does it matter where those leads to the site come from, like PPC, [...]

15 Best Practices for Joomla Website Security

Many organizations are under the impression that implementing all the latest innovations on their Joomla site makes it resilient to any kind of cyber attack . But the question is: are the measures good enough ? Is modern technology implementation enough to protect the privacy and confidentiality of data ? Unfortunately, the answer is no!   Further reading: Joomla Security - The Complete Guide How to secure an outdated version of Joomla How to Protect Your Website From Hackers How to Prevent the most common Application Attacks against websites Best Practices to Keep Your Website Safe From Attackers   And the recent attack on the Federal Depository Library Program ’s (FDLP) website is proof. [...]

5 Step Guide to Conduct Good Content Auditing

Starting an online marketing campaign usually start with how to create and distribute new content . But the problem, however, is that such content often gets buried and is rarely revisited and reused. This is an unfortunate reality for some, as updating and repurposing existing content can be one of the most efficient content marketing tactics . Regular, well-conducted content audits can help you identify content that needs to be improved, or can be repurposed into other formats.   Further reading: What is an SEO Audit, and How Can It Help Your Business? The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO The Power of Segmentation and Personalization in Email Marketing Remarketing a Website That is Having Low Visitor Traffic 13 Tools [...]

3 Step Guide to Building Quality Backlinks for SEO

Quality link building is critical for every Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort targeting higher ranking . Quality links pointing to your site remains one of the key factors taken into consideration in Google's ranking . The other are quality content , website user friendliness and website speed , But SEO like most other human activity depends on the strategy adopted to achieve success.   Further reading: SEO Tips For Optimizing Your Local Google My Business Page Why SEO keeps changing the way it works What is an SEO Audit, and How Can It Help Your Business? The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO The keys to high rankings in Google's local results How to Boost Your Website Ranking [...]

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