Top Nigerian Website Payment Gateways

Nigeria is experiencing some form of e-commerce revolution following the availability of e-payment gateways enabling easy integration of online payment systems on websites. It has now become easy to receive payments through credit cards and direct deposits. There are some options available for this with great features and limitations . In this blog post, we will examine the major payment gateways in Nigeria through which you can receive payments on your website . Now let us look at the top payment gateways.   Further reading How to Combat Credit Card Fraud Boost Ecommerce Purchases on Your Website in 6 Steps 15 Online Business Ideas to Consider A Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization [...]

Do Google Ads Affect Search Engine Rankings?

There had been some controversy over the effect of Google's paid ads on search engine rankings , have been raised by a Google employee, Jonathan Rockway. Rockway have acknowledged in a discussion forum. Deductions from Rockway's comments suggest that if the social features are relevant , though, then users are getting a better experience. And that's a good thing, even if individual pages get less traffic from Google . Instead of being able to SEO the entire Internet, businesses can now only affect the search results for a tiny percentage of users. That's a good thing because SEO can't scale, and SEO is good for users or the Internet at large.   Further reading: A Guide to Website Traffic Optimization SEO [...]

How to Make Money With Google Adsense

Digital marketing is a big industry. Led by Google whose adsense program is the biggest affiliate marketing network and you will not be surprised that virtually every news and marketing website want to have Google Adsense running. The attractiveness to Google adsense had been heightened by the success of some websites including Lynda Ikeji who makes over 18million Naira monthly from Google adsense. Indeed, success stories like those of Lynda Ikeji has significantly boosted the growth of digital marketing   Further reading; A Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization 10 Things to Consider When Starting an Online Shop Basic Marketing Tips and Tricks That Produce Big Results How Content Marketing Can Boost Your Online [...]

Benchmarking for Website Performance on Search Engines

Dealing with questions like what is a good bounce rate for a web page, what is the average number of visits, how much traffic from different sources is normal are not easy until you evaluate your website performance with others. Now, Google Analytics is making things much easy by bringing a new type of analytic report - the benchmarking report. Also read: SEO - What Search Engines Love and Hate About Websites   Understanding Performance With Competititor Benchmarks Competitive benchmarking is the process of comparing your company’s performance with major competitors. You can then use the benchmark analysis and figure out how to improve your business and understand what your competitors are doing to win more customers. Benchmarking [...]

6 Ways to Protect Your Website From Security Hacks

Cybercrime is one major threat that cannot be under-estimated as its costs can be far more damaging than imagined. From simple errors that could involve the use of auto-responders to serious compromises that lead to major data breaches, it costs the global economy more than $400 billion, and it's increasingly hurting smaller operations. Imagine that your website is exploited by a hacker and all relevant data lost. How do you address the issues of your clientele base, statistics of payments and renewal dates, statistics of short-term subscriptions and website reputation ?   Further reading: How to build your website trust and credibility A Detailed Guide to Safe Website Updating A Practical Guide to Secure and Maintain Your [...]

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