How Does Google Analytic Metrics Impact Website Rankings

Google Analytics gives you some basic details about how Google understands your website. It provides a guide into the metrics and factors that you need to improve as well those in which you are doing perfectly well. But more important is your ability to interpret these metrics to be able to make actionable decisions where necessary. In this post we provide a very simple guide into how you should respond to the most important metrics provided by Google Analytics.   Further reading: Important Google Analytic SEO Metrics You Need To Take Very Seriously 11 Alternatives to Google Analytics Data Gathering Tools Useful Tips on How to Use Google Analytics on eCommerce Websites ?   Researching online businesses and working [...]

5 Best Practices to Gain Top Ten Ranking in SERPs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing as Google continually makes changes to its search algorithm. According to Backlinko , over 200 ranking signals are relevant and used by Google for page ranking . Manually, it is not so easy to comply with all the expectations. The fact about SEO is that there are factors that are very weighthy and those that are not so weighty. In this post, we discuss five best practices that can guide your SEO and bring you good ranking in the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).   Table of Contents Monitor Your Rankings Get Relevant Backlinks Keep Your Content Fresh Pay attention to technical SEO. Be Careful With Making Changes Now, let's look at them in greater [...]

How to recover from a Search Engine ranking drop

Experiencing a ranking drop is not unusual, in fact, every website experiences a drop in its ranks from time to time. The search engine ranking algorithms change all the time and causes these fluctuations . But website owners should be more concerned about how their websites can recover from ranking loses . Fortunately, there are things that you can do to recover your rankings and that is our focus in this post.   Table of Content Verify that your Google Rankings really dropped. Understanding the ranking drop's impact What could cause a search engine ranking drop? How can you recover from a ranking loss?   1. Verify that your Google Rankings really dropped The starting point is to verify that your [...]

Basic Guide and Tips for Online Marketing Success

Marketing is the life wire of every business . No matter your investment and product quality offers, if your marketing fails, you are unlikely to be able to sustain your business and drive it successfully. Many entrepreneurs just think once the business is started, sales will automatically turn in and keep growing for the business. That could be the case in some and few exceptional cases especially where there is little or no competition. In the competitive world, a lot of planning is required and marketing must get it right for business to grow to become a success. This post examines our tested tips to run a successful marketing program for your online business. Let's get started. Table of contents: Understanding the marketing [...]

How to Boost email opening and clickthrough rates

Good inbound marketing include email sending to people who actually want to hear from you. But most of the time, people just get tired of reading emails and can really be very selective about the emails they open and read. Sometimes, the emails just get lost in the spam folder and in cases when the emails are opened, it is also likely that there is no response by way of clicks. You want to improve your email opening and click-through rates, here are 22 tips that can help you. They will also help your lead generation potential.   Email Marketing Tips Do not buy email addresses. Abide by CAN-SPAM rules. Ensure your opt-in process complies with GDPR. Email new contacts within 24 hours. Send your emails from a real person, [...]

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