Google algorithms vs Google penalties, explained by an ex-Googler, Pedro Dias

Former Google quality analyst, Pedro Dias, explains the difference between Google's algorithms, manual actions, quality and penalties.   Since its inception, Google has made its way towards being the most sought after input box on the whole web. This is a path that’s usually monitored with an ever-increasing curiosity, from web professionals, taking everything apart in an attempt to understand what makes Google tick and how search works, with all its nuts and bolts.   Further reading: 16 Reasons Your Website Ranking Can Drop 30 Most Important Google Ranking Factors For Beginners 4 SEO Fixes that will improve your website Rank on Google 5 Easy On--Page SEO Tips That Yield Big Results 7 SEO Tips That [...]

SEO Trends You Should Take Very Seriously in the Coming Year

10 Important 2021 SEO Trends You Need to Know What's 2021 going to be like for SEO professionals? Check out 10 important trends you need to know from 42 top experts in the field. It’s time to take our annual look at what’s ahead for SEO professionals in 2021.   Further reading: SEO Basics -The First Steps to Higher Rankings in Search Engines Search Engine Optimization A functional strategy to gain rankings SEO - What Search Engines Love and Hate About Websites   If you want the TLDR, here it is via Lily Ray , SEO Director, Path Interactive: “Above all, a great SEO strategy should start by putting yourself in the user’s shoes and asking yourself if the content is truly valuable, [...]

3 Ways You Can Increase Your Domain Authority

If you take your online business very seriously, there chances you are implementing a number of different inbound marketing strategies in order to achieve your online marketing goals , from various content marketing strategies to social media strategies – and of course, the use of SEO. But do you know how these strategies are performing? You should keep track of them to ensure that you achieve your goals and to make sure you aren’t wasting resources on efforts that don’t work. Moz domain authority is a score that you should keep your eye on to get an overall idea of how your site is doing. It is a scoring systems developed by Moz. What they do is they predicts how well your site will rank on search engines like Google. However, to [...]

A detailed guide to web page optimization for better ranking

Optimizing your website is the most acceptable natural way to gain popularity and sales from your website . It is also the safest way to gain rankings in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). With good optimization, your website will gain better ranking and get more organic traffic. In this guide, we show you how to optimize your web page for SEO.   Further reading: SEO Tips For Optimizing Your Local Google My Business Page Enhance your search engine performance in simple steps Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization   We will cover the following key aspects of website optimization. Is on-page optimization still important? Optimizing URLs for SEO - Make your [...]

9 Simple Steps That Will Increase Your Domain Authority

There are hundreds of factors that Google uses to determine the search engine ranking of a website. One particular that has taken on great importance over the years is the domain authority. Domain authority is a metric that was developed by Moz . The higher your domain authority is, the more likely you are to earn a higher search engine ranking and to receive more and better web traffic . Your domain authority is also a good way to measure your SEO efforts as well as compare the strength of your website to your competition’s websites.   Further reading: 9 Steps to Gain Top Ten Ranking in Google Search Rankings The Top Most Important Google Ranking Factors A Detailed Guide to Technical SEO Audit A Guide to [...]

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