Developing and Managing Your Unique Selling Proposition

People buy products and services because of the benefits they derive or hope to derive from them. Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesale distributor, retailer or consumer, the focus or every purchase is the benefits derivable from the product or service offering. These benefits are presented in the seller's communications on how your product offerings perform better than those of competitors. The unique advantages a product has over those of competitors which is communicated to buyers and potential customers is simply called a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), sometimes referred to as Unique Selling Value (USV) or Unique Selling Point. Developing a USP begins with the product development process. Customer needs are identified and the product is developed to fill [...]

A Basic Guide to Designing a New Website

There are currently over 4 billion web pages on the internet. That makes it the largest single market in the world. Given that enormous number, competing in the internet space is not something to take lightly. You must ensure that the right decisions have been taken about your website to convey trust and authoritativeness . These are critical because internet services are non-personal and users make judgements based on what they see and perceive from your website content. One of the challenges website owners face with their websites is the wrong choices they make at the time of launching their designs. There are some factors that should guide the decisions you make, especially as related to the framework used for your website design . Here are important considerations you [...]

Top Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended for Small Businesses

Social media platforms have provided the leverage to build brand popularity while also increasing conversion . With some social media networks registering over one billion active members and still counting, the power and essence of social media for business growth can only continue to increase. As of 2021, there were around 3.78 billion social media users worldwide and the number is ever growing. With some of the best social media management tools, you can reach your target audience quickly and cost-effectively. Additionally, it will also help you build trust, brand authority, and authenticity . In this article, we will discuss some of the best social media marketing tools that can provide the needed advantage. What is a Social Media Marketing Tool? [...]

16 Web Design Mistakes That Hurt Performance

According to Statista , the number of internet users increased from 4.6 billion in 2020 to 4.9 billion in 2021. That makes investing in online businesses and other online projects worthwhile. But despite the huge market offered by the internet, there are a couple of mistakes you can make at the website design stages that can hurt the performance of your website . In this post, you will learn about 16 mistakes you are likely to make when building your website. The down side is that these mistakes can hurt the performance of your website . Keep on reading to learn about these website mistakes you need to avoid. Further reading: Key Performance Indicators For E-commerce Assessment   Web Design Mistakes to Avoid Everyone is prone [...]

How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is a great social media platform that is often not given the prominence it deserves. This is probably because it is business-focused, however, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for social interaction and business development . Perhaps the biggest difference which counts for LinkedIn when comparing it with other social media platforms is its effectiveness for business-to-business marketing. Further reading: How Your Communication Can Address Negative Customer Issues on Social Media How to Build a Good Customer Experience to Improve your Website Conversion Rate   What is B2B Marketing B2B marketing is an acronym for business-to-business marketing . It's one of the two major categories of marketing, and differs [...]

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