How to Turn Your Blog into a Profitable Brand

We have in the past 10 years been helping individuals and businesses build their websites . Some of the websites we built in the past have become great successes. From the most simple days of basic HTML and static websites, to the now advanced days of content management systems(CMS) mobile usage and social media, it’s all about adapting with the times and providing value to an audience. WordPress has changed a lot of things and made the process of creating an online content-focused business or brand a whole lot easier. Since there are no technical skills required, and being that the software is free, everyone may soon have a blog. However, just because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean you are going to find success. More Resources WordPress [...]

Best WordPress Plugins for Every Website

WordPress remains the most popular tool for building blogs. But the beauty and functionality you can add to your WordPress website depends on the plugins you deploy in the development of your WordPress website . It’s easy to customize WordPress and add cool features with plugins. But which plugins should you always rely on ? To answer this question, we can say you can choose from more than 54,000 plugins that are available . But you will agee that that number is too much for you to peruse and decide on which ones to use. Read more WordPress resources: How A Plugin Installation Can Crash Your Wordpress Website 7 Steps to Reduce the Disc Space Used by Your WordPress Website 9 Common Problems of a WordPress Website To make things simple [...]

How to Avoid The Most Common Internal Link Building Mistakes

Internal link building can be a goldmine of SEO opportunities that is completely under your control, but far too often there are linking mistakes that can hurt you your SEO . Keep reading to find out what these mistakes are and how you can fix them. Using Site Audit , you can conduct an expert SEO analysis and technical checks , In an analysis by SemRush 150,000 random websites with 175 million pages and 15 billion unique links in total were analysed to discover the frequency of internal link issues. The study shows that a lot of websites do not live up to their potential because of mistakes that are quick and easy to fix. Read more resources on SEO: 20 Top SEO Techniques that Produce Good Results A Guide to Website Traffic [...]

Are Directories Still Useful for SEO

Building links and sharing conten t through Web Directories have been the norm for the world wide web and for search engine optimizatio n for a long time. But a lot have changed on the web and with Google, the leading search engine. The question now is whether web directories are still relevant in this age of advanced Google Algorithimic Updates . We will learn more about that. Read more resources: 20 Top SEO Techniques that Produce Good Results A Guide to Website Traffic Optimization 16 Mistakes That Turn People Away From Your Website 20 Step Guide to Improve the SEO Ranking of Your Website Head of Web SPAM at Google John Mueller has thrown some insights when he said, “in general, no”. But the key words in that answer are [...]

A Detailed Guide to Safe Website Updating

Updating a website is critical for safety and security .. Updating is necessary mostly when their is a new version of software and you want to launch the new version of the website. In doing so you will need to take some steps to ensure that you do not damage your codes and also do not hurt your search engine rankings in the process. When you update your website, especially if you decide to change your domain name, these changes can potentially have negative impacts on SEO. You can avoid these problems by carefully planning the update process. Here are the steps that can guide you when you update your website. Read more related posts: 20 Ways You Can Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate 27 Free WordPress SEO Plugins that Will Improve Your Website Search Engine Rank [...]

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