Real Live Case: How We Addressed a Joomla White Screen Error on a Live Website

Running a website comes with some challenges. For content management systems like WordPress and Joomla , the biggest challenges had been keeping them updated , secured and optimized . However, there are times you will also have errors to deal with . Sometimes, the error could come from a mistake you make, an update you implement which creates some incompatibility issues, mere carelessness or negligence. Whatever the case, you will have to deal with them.   Further reading: WordPress Maintenance Tasks You Need to Perform Regularly How to secure an outdated version of Joomla A Basic Guide to the Top Content Management Systems A Detailed Guide to Safe Website Updating A Practical Guide to Secure and [...]

A Complete Guide to Cybersecurity

What is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity refers to the process and recurring practice of securing data, networks, and computers from misuse: either by external cyber attacks or other threats. Protected data typically includes contact information, passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information, passport and driver license numbers, social security numbers, medical records, and any other non-public information. Personal data is incredibly valuable. Hackers know it , and businesses know it. That’s why both go to great lengths to collect it — albeit one following a much more legal and moral avenue to do so. Unfortunately, as technology and data collection practices progress, so do the methods that hackers follow to steal [...]

Simple Tools and Tips To Protect Your Website From SPAM

As one of the most pervasive problems in the world of technology, SPAM has been creating huge damages beyond imagination. Given its strategic nature, eliminating SPAM completely may seem impossible. However, one can face and beat the challenges of Spam by adopting protective measures . Google inself frowns seriously at spammy practices and in July 20121 rolled out the Link Spam Update to fight spammy attempts to manipulate its ranking algorithm with poor quality link building practices like purchased links and forum posts designed only to get links rather than add value to user queries.   Further reading: 10 Ways You Can Build Online Trust and Reputation 13 Tools That Will Enhance Your Online Marketing Efforts A checklist against [...]

The Complete Guide to Troubleshoot and Fix the Most Common WordPress Errors

WordPress errors on your site are serious issues. While some may cause only minor inconveniences, others can result in major problems including Downtime , failed updates and installations , and missing resources can prevent visitors from accessing or using your site. This hurts your credibility and potentially affects your income . It’d be almost impossible to know every potential WordPress error inside and out. However, understanding some of the most common WordPress issues users experience can help you prepare and troubleshoot WordPress problems when they pop up. This post covers the most frequently-experienced WordPress errors and how to clear up each of them, so you can get your website up and running again quickly.   [...]

Top Three Best Safeguards for Every WordPress Website

Getting a WordPress website is one thing, keeping the website safe from attackers, vulnerabilities and optimizing to make the best out of it is another. All of these require separate actions and controls. In this post, we examine the top five practices that should protect our WordPress website and help you make the best out of your WordPress website.   Further reading: WordPress Security: The Complete Guide WordPress Security: The SQL Injection WordPress Security Plugins Compared to Find Which Works Best WordPress Plugins You Can't Do Without Useful Tips and Tricks for WordPress Search Engine Optimization The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO The Complete Guide to WordPress Speed Optimization [...]

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