WordPress Security: The SQL Injection

Further reading: WordPress Security: The Complete Guide 6 Ways to Protect Your Website From Security Hacks How to detect a vulnerable WordPress plugin How to Find and Clean Backdoors in a Hacked WordPress Site Best Rated Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress Websites Common Problems with WordPress Websites and How to Fix Them 4 Things That Will Make Your Website Unhackable 6 steps to clean and harden your Wordpress website Security with the Free Sucuri plugin How to Maintain a Healthy WordPress Website How to Fix The WordPress White Screen of Death SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language that allows interaction with databases. Modern web applications use databases to manage data and [...]

How to secure an outdated version of Joomla

It may be surprising to you to learn that more than 90 percent of the Joomla websites running on the web are outdated.. One report has it that more than a half of the top sites running on Joomla are still using Joomla! 1.5 versions. That could be attributable to the challenge on updating to a major version release , like moving from Joomla 1.5 to version 2..5 or 3.5. But running on old versions of Joomla carries security risks and should be avoided, we must strictly advice. In this post, we offer some tips that can help improve the security of your Joomla website that still run old Joomla! versions for some reasons.   Further Reading: 4 Things That Will Make Your Website Unhackable 6 Ways to Protect Your Website From Security Hacks A [...]

How to Test a WordPress Backup Before Restoring

Having a website backup is a good strategy for security . A backup will help you get back your website when an irrepairable damage is done and the only option you are left with is to restore your website to a point where your it was last functional. Let us assume that as a WordPress user, you probably have a sound maintenance and backup strategy in place to protect your data from any loss or outages. But, do you have a strategy in place to test the efficiency of your stored backups? Just like any other website file, your backup could turn bad for several reasons, including: A backdoor or a hack Missing or corrupted files Lack of storage space Incomplete backups Virus or malware infections Incompatibility with an installed plugin/theme after an [...]

How to detect a vulnerable WordPress plugin

The power and functionality of your WordPress website lie in its plugins . Plugins can do so much for your small business website . You can use them to make your WordPress site load faster , make your content shareable, collect visitor email addresses for your marketing list, and do better in search results . The fortunate and good side is that many of the best WordPress plugins that can upgrade your website and your business blog are free.   Further reading: Best Brute Force Protection Plugins For WordPress 9 Common Problems of a WordPress Website Before You Install a WordPress Plugin, Ask These Questions Best Comment Plugin for WordPress Websites Best Google Analytic Plugin for WordPress Best Plugins for [...]

A Practical Guide to Secure and Maintain Your Website

Website Maintenance and stability are two of very important aspects of websites that are not often talked about until there is a problem . They are two concepts that are often brushed aside especially by regular website owners whose websites had been designed by a third party, a freelancer or by someone who was contracted to do so. But addressing the issue of website security and been assured that your website is secure can be exciting and comforting.   Further reading How to Protect Your Website From Hackers A Detailed Guide on How to Remove Google Blacklist Warning 4 Things That Will Make Your Website Unhackable Best Drupal Security Modules How to Maintain a Healthy WordPress Website WordPress [...]

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