Guard Your Website Reputation: Stay Protected with SSL

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a standard technology for establishing an encrypted connection between a web server (host) and a web browser (client). Using an SSL secured connection between the two makes sure that all the data passed between them remain private and intrinsic . SSL is an industry standard and is used by websites to protect their online transactions with their customers. If you have ever visited a website using the https:// in the address bar you were creating a secure connection via SSL   Further reading: Website Security: A Guide For Shared Web Hosting Accounts 6 Ways to Protect Your Website From Security Hacks WordPress Plugins You Can't Do Without The Complete Guide to Troubleshoot and Fix the Most [...]

How to Prevent the most common Application Attacks against websites

The internet hosts a large set of applications. Apart from the core applications, there are also other applications inputed into a website. Wordresss call them plugins while Joomla call them extensions , WHMCS call them modules and there are lots of others. all aimed at enhancing the productivity of users.   Before we start, lets define the difference between authentication and authorization When speaking with other programmers and IT professionals, I often encounter confusion regarding the distinction between authorization and authentication. And of course, the fact the abbreviation auth is often used for both helps aggravate this common confusion. This confusion is so common that maybe this issue should be included in this post as “Common Web [...]

Website Security: A Guide For Shared Web Hosting Accounts

This post presumes your website is hosted on a shared web hosting plan . A shared hosting service allows the web hosting company to setup multiple websites on one server, usually using a common IP address. We have recently had some complaints on forums about web hosts placing some restrictions on hosting accounts due mainly to complaints about websites creating load issues , spamming and malware issues.   Further reading: How to fix a slow-loading website How to Find and Clean Backdoors in a Hacked WordPress Site Email Marketing and the Trouble With Auto-Responders How to Prevent Spam on Your Joomla Website Best Rated Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress Websites   These three had been the cardinal [...]

How to Prevent an Exploitation of Your Website by An Attacker

If you are new to website hosting or website designing , you could have had an issue with your website and you may have been surprised that despite security assurances from your web hosting company , your website got suspended due to an attack or exploitation without your knowing how it happened. You can also face issues like spamming , White Screen of Death (WSOD) which is the result of an attack or vulnerability leading to a blank white screen. A WSOD is usually as a result of a vulnerability with a plugin or extension incompatibility with your current CMS version. Regular updates to current CMS version including an update on all plugins and extensions is the solution to preventing this kind of attack. Plugin update in itself can sometimes create [...]

How to Fix The WordPress White Screen of Death

Have you ever had a WordPress security situation where your website presents a white screen? No error message displayed. no clue, just a white screen. This is called the white screen of death. It is caused mainly by plugin vulnerabilities , poor theme coding and some other causes. We will, in this post, look at the four most common causes of the WordPress white screen of death and suggest ways of resolving the issues .   Further reading: Best Comment Plugin for WordPress Websites 27 Free WordPress SEO Plugins that Will Improve Your Website Search Engine Rank How A Plugin Installation Can Crash Your Wordpress Website Common Problems with WordPress Websites and How to Fix Them   Hackers Exploit Expired [...]

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