How Do I seek Support From Todhost?

You may want to ask questions for several reasons. It is possible you want to learn how to do something, your website may have issues and you want to restore a backup you have created earlier, alter a code, or fix a problem. You may also seek help when in the cause of your work, you alter a code, destroy a database or even take your website offline erroneously.

There are options to seek help.

1. Submit a ticket from the client area. To access the client area, simply click support on the main menu of the todhost website.
2. You can use the telephone contact to seek help.
3. You can also contct us by sending a messge by emailing our support department
4. use the livechat to get support

These are the ways you can seek help on

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How can i speak to an administrator?

At any point, you may speak to a Junior Administrator via phone.

However, the server and billing administrators are only available through the ticket system. You cannot speak to those administrators in regular phone call.

You will also not be connected to a billing or server administrator through phone.

You may email support to speak with a Server Administrator. You may email billing department to speak with a Billing Administrator.

If you have a ticket that is not being handled correctly, please call or send an email to tell us about it.

Can a third party communicate with Todhost on my behalf?

There are several ways you can authorize someone to make changes and request information about your account.

Email ticket

The safest method is to change your Ticket System password, and then give the third-party that password. They will then be able to visit the Todhost client area at and login with your primary email address and that password.

An additional benefit is that you will get an emailed copy of each conversation between the third party and Todhost.

WARNING: Be sure to change your ticket system password so it is not the same as your billing account password. Also, it is NOT recommended to give any one your primary email's password.

Phone call

You may call us on the phone, verify your identity, and then put the third party on the phone to ask the technical questions.

Ticket System Login

You can access your tickets at

The support ticket system login is your primary contact email address and billing password.

After using the system...
You will receive an automated email with a copy of your request and a ticket number in the subject line. If you do not get an automated email with a ticket number, then we did not receive your request.

Common problems with 3rd party scripts

Common problems with 3rd party scripts Please keep in mind that Todhost agents are not trained in third party script support, therefore we may not be able to resolve certain issues related to custom coding and scripting errors. In any case, we will gladly take a look and offer as much help as possible.

Database Connection Error

The most common problem with third party scripts is a database connection error. Make sure that you have created the database and the user and have assigned the user to the database. In addition, you will need to make sure your script uses the same settings in your configuration file. Usually this file is named config.php or settings.php and located within the same directory as the script.

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System Requirements

Other warning errors may result from not following system requirements of the script. Please check our list of supported programs for the script you are trying to use. If the script is not on the list, please contact Todhost support for assistance.

Using The LiveChat

Livechat is an effective way to get help and instant response. You can connect through Livechat when there is a support staff online. When there is no support staff online, you can still send an instant message. Livechat is not available on the Todhost blog. It is only available on the root directory.

Why verify my identity to get support or help?

Verifying your identity before rendering support is a security measure. Todhost is committed to protecting your account and your personal information. Therefore, we can only offer basic help and general information without verifying who you are.

If you need account specific information, or changes to your account, we will require you to verify your identity per our current internal procedures.

If you cannot verify your identity, then we do not feel safe to provide you account specific services.

  • What if my website is down?

If your site is down or not behaving as expected, we ask you to verify your identity because most of the time resolving the issue requires that we make changes to your account, site or server, and this requires us to discuss confidential information about your site, such as your server and script setup.

If you do not verify your identity, we would not be able to take the necessary actions needed to resolve the issue.

  • Tips

The best way to avoid verification procedures is to send all your support and billing requests via our Client Area.

NOTE: If you simply send us an email, even if it is from the primary email address listed on your account, we will still ask you to reply back to our email as verification you are the owner. The reason we must be so careful is because an email message can look like it is from your address, when actually it is not (it is spoof email).

How to Avoid Verification and Still Get Support From Todhost

Verification is crucial for the security of your website as it is one sure way of avoiding the smart fellows whose stock is to steal your login information and do havoc to your website and the integrity of our network. The best way to avoid verification procedures is to send all your support and billing requests via your Todhost ClientArea.

Login to
From the top menu click the "Open Ticket" link
Choose the department where you want the ticket to be directed
Fill out the ticket form
You will get an automated email confirming we received your request
You will receive a reply shortly, without needing to verify

Where it is not possible to login to your Todhost client area, you can email support. For certain levels of support, an email will not be enough.

Even if you send us an email from the primary email address listed on your account, we will still ask you to reply back to our email as verification you are the owner. The reason we must be so careful is because an email message can look like it is from your address, when actually it is not (it is spoof email).

Third Party Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration

We are aware that several domain name and web hosting services with us have been registered through third parties. It means that you may have authorized someone else to create your account and possibly manage your website for you. As far as we are concerned, the account owner is the owner of the email with which the account was created and not the person who may actually have paid for the service.

How Long Do I Wait to Get My Web Hosting and Domain Name Activated

Activation is automated for payments made with credit/debit cards. It may tae up to 30 minutes to register your domain name if you have paid with card or have made a direct bank transfer. It your services is not activated within 24hrs, you will need to contact customer support to get update on the state of your registration.

My Domain Name is Not activated Despite Paying for Web Hosting and Domain

This will be normal in cases where your nameservers have been changed. It can take up to 48hours for your new nameservers to become active. You may get help from customer support to know the status of your domain registration and web hosting order. However, if it has to do with nameserver propagation, we won't be able to do anything as things will get normal once the nameserver propagates on all servers.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Web Hosting and Domain Transfer

It is difficult to be specific about the length of time it will take to complete a web hosting transfer involving scripts, emails, databases and so on. Once you complete your order and pay for your order, if it involves the transfer of a domain name, a Todhost customer support staff will contact you to request all other information necessary to complete your transfer. If you do not intend to transfer your domain name and just want to move your web hosting, then you will have to contact the Todhost customer support department to supply required information. This will usually include:
  • Account username on old server
  • Account password
  • IP address of old server.

Once these information are provided, your transfer will commence and you will be updated on the progress of the transfer.
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