What is DNS Server?

Domain name system (DNS) is the system that is used to translate human-memorable domain names like todhost.com and hostnames like gh.todhost.com into the corresponding numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses as well as to identify and locate computer systems and resources on the Internet. So a DNS (Domain Name System) server is a type of web server used to interact with the domain name system, which is the global directory of domain names and corresponding IP addresses. DNS technology automatically translates long and confusing IP address (which are segmented number sequences separated by dots, such as into standard domain names that are easier to remember.

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When you use an alphanumeric address like "todhost.com" your computer needs to understand what numerical IP address it should contact to show up the content. Domain name server is a server responsible for keeping the file that contains information about the domain name(s) and corresponding IP addresses (zone file) as well as for providing the above-mentioned information during DNS queries.

Domain name servers are a fundamental part of the Domain Name System. Nameserver is a server on the Internet specialized in handling queries regarding the location of the domain name’s various services. In easy words, name servers define your domain’s current DNS provider.

All domains usually have at least two DNS servers which can be checked via Whois lookup tool.

For example: we provide name servers for all domains registered with us (they are called Todhost BasicDNS) and their values are:


When you make a request for anything related to the domain name, it gets sent to one of the name servers. In response, the DNS server sends back the IP address. This works for the Web Site, Mail Servers, and anything else based on the domain name.

Free Email Forwarding and Dynamic DNS are some of the pros of using our default name servers.

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What is the DNS Hierarchy?

The domain name system is operated in a hierarchy that keeps the domain name database separate, and the only servers that house the entire database are the aforementioned DNS root servers. The rest of the DNS servers in the world house only fragments of the database for particular web hosts and web sites. Most of these low level DNS servers are owned by Internet Service Providers or private businesses.

When you browse a web site, your web browser is actually directly communicating with your ISP’s DNS server to retrieve data from other domains before displaying it on your screen. In some cases, the DNS server will not need to communicate with another server to display the page; however, in many cases, especially when you visit a foreign or private web page, your ISP’s DNS server will have to act as a DNS client and retrieve data from another DNS server.

Can You Edit Your Domain Name Server?

You can edit your domain name server and redirect your domain name to the server where your your website files From the Todhost client area, you can make these changes by following these steps:

Login to the Todhost client area. To do this click on the client area link on the Todhost website. Enter the email address registered with us and enter the password If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following the password reset link.

Once you are successfully logged in as a client, click on domains and from the list of domains you have registered with us, click on the corresponding gear icon of the domain name whose nameserver entries you wish to edit. From the left side bar, you then click on nameserver and then proceed to edit your nameserver entries. Ensure that you check the custom nameservers button to edit your domain nameservers.

Please allow up to 48hours for nameserver changes to fully propagate and be stable.

How to set my domain to use the Todhost default nameserver

To use the Todhost default nameserver, simply follow the guide above to login to the Todhost client area and with the domain management section, click on nameserver. Next, check the default nameserver option and that will be all. Save your changes.

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