Last week, we took some crucial decisions regarding our web hosting plans and features. Although this will essentially affect only new web hosting orders since all existing plans will become hidden in the order form but continue to run for current users. It is important we intimate you on how the changes will affect you, your hosting packages and features.

Here is a summary of the new plan changes:

Hosting Plan / Features Economy Standard Business
Status Active Active Active
Old disk space 10GB 20GB 40GB
New disk space Unchanged 25GB 50GB
Old Price NGN14,000 NGN25,000 NGN35,000
New Price NGN8,000 NGN18,,000 Unchanged
Other features Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged
  Order Order Order

Update: In September 2022, we further adjusted plan pricing and features. You can view latest changes in the article: Depreciation of Horde Webmail Application and New Hosting Price and Plan Changes

As you would observe, three major changes have been made to our hosting packages. The first is the depreciation of the hosting packages. The second is the allocation of more resources to existing plans and the the third is the price reduction.

1. Plans Depreciation

We depreciated the starter plan, the small business plan and the business pro plan. However, clients on these plans will continue on them and will be able renew their hosting on these plans. New orders and upgrades will no longer be possible on these plans.

2. Allocation of more resources

We have allocated more resources to the standard and business plans. The standard plan which previously ran on 20GB will now have as much as 25GB while the business plan which previously ran on 40GB is now 50GB.

3. Reduction in prices

Significant price reduction have been applied to current plans. The economy plan which previously was sold at NGN14,000 now will sell for NGN8,000 The standard plan which previously sold for NGN25,000 now sells for NGN18,000 while the business plan which previously was sold at NGN35,000 will remain unchanged despite the increase in resources.


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Why We Made The Changes

To Fight Spam

Over the years, we have crafted our hosting services for small, medium and large organizations.. One of the issues we have fought and curtailed is spamming. Spamming can negatively affect the quality of any hosting service, create problems for shared users and create integrity issues for server IPs. We have strongly protected the integrity of our server IP addresses by fighting spam. Te continue to fight spam, we have decided to weed off very cheap plans that tend to attract spammers who usually subscribe for hosting for some few months and a year at most. So fighting spam is a major reason we made the recent changes.

To Fight Phishing

Phishing websites are false representations of real websites. In many cases, it is possible for internet thieves to get the templates used by a particular bank, where no customization has been done, use the template to duplicate the website and register a domain that is close to that of the bank with a word or two to differentiate. Unsuspecting users who are usually not knowledgeable about these tricks can fall to the thieves who email them and persuade them to either change their passwords or attempt a transaction.

The credentials entered will be transmitted to another database and used to attempt login on the real websites where massive fraud are then committed. Most people who engage in phishing are caught on our servers because we will detect and terminate such websites. Because they do not always want to part with some significant amount of money knowing that they can be caught, cheap hosting is usually their best bet.

Weed Off Cybercriminals

Apart from those who engage in crimes of spamming and phishing, there are also those who are engaged in cyber crimes such as the use of key loggers to extract user information and use same to login to user accounts. These criminals will usually go for cheap hosting to reduce the risk of a penalty when they are eventually caught. Depreciating the stater and small business plans were necessitated to discourage that category of clients from using our network.

Protect Our IP Addresses

Our server IP addresses are our identity. If we have an issue with our reputation, it affects us and all other websites hosted on our network. It is therefore our duty to protect our reputation as well as those of our customers by effectively curtailing the activities of cyber-criminals. One way we do this is to offer prices that unserious people will be unwilling to pay.


More Hosting Solutions and Features

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is best on fast speed servers designed and configured for WordPress. SSDs, Cloud Linux and Lite Speed servers are the most recommended. We have WordPress hosting options that strongly supports the requirements for a powerful WordPress website and give you the speed you deserve.


Ecommerce Hosting

ecommerce scripts including Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, osCommerce, and more all loaded and available for free. You can install them within minutes and in simple clicks. No technical skills reuired to setup an ecommerce store with the Softaculous script installer.

Email Hosting

Send out professional emails in your custom domain name. Create unlimited email accounts, unlimited POP3 emails and access to email clients including Roundcube and Horde mail.

Unlimited Databases

Whether you use a custom design, WordPress or an automated script to set up your website, you have unlimited databases to create as many websites as you want.


Trigger automation on your scripts with cron jobs and schedule the time you want the cron to run and how often...


Manage your databases, import databases into your websites and export our website databases to maintain a healthy backup.


You can choose which backup format to keep, files, databases or a full backup including emails. Use the backup tool in cPanel to achieve these tasks.

Manage Domain Redirects

You do not always have to use the .htaccess file for redirects. You can implement a 301 permanent redirect or a 302 temporary redirect directly from your website control panel. So you should not loose traffic or any SEO benefits on your redirected domains. Where you change folders, you can use the htaccess redirect rules to avoid 404 errors and move traffic to new folders.

Online File Manager

Wish to edit files, upload and manage your files online? The online filemanager allows you to edit your files with ease. Erroneously deleted a file? Not worry, it is now recoverable as deleted files are still preserved in a thrash folder in the root directory.

Monday, October 4, 2021

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