The following changes will be applying to our service configuration:

  1. Depreciation of Horde Webmail Interface necessitated by software changes to which Horde is currently not compatible.
  2. Changes to our hosting plans.
  3. Changes to domain prices for Nigerian customers.

Price changes for Nigerian customers have been necessitated by the current increase in the exchange rate of the US Dollar compared to the Nigerian Naira.

Depreciation of Horde Webmail Application

The Horde webmail application will be removed in cPanel version 108. All Horde email, contacts, and calendars will be automatically migrated to Roundcube.


  • Horde relies on PHP 7.4, which reaches End-of-Life on November 28, 2022. Because of this, the Horde Mail interface will have to be removed. Please use Roundcube for Webmail.

What Does The Depreciation Mean

  • It means we can no longer recommend the feature and, in most cases, we plan to remove it from cPanel.

    • Because active development on the feature is discontinued, we are unlikely to provide future bug fixes.

    • We recommend that you update any customizations on your server that use or depend on the feature as soon as possible. We have always recommended that it is safe to run the latest version of cPanel software on your website. This is important for your security and performance.

 So if you try to access your emails via Horde and you have issues, simply login to your email via and you should have no troubles accessing your mails.

How Will This Affect Customers and Email Usage?

Ordinarily, the depreciation of Horde should not affect your email usage. You will no longer have the option to switch between Horde or Roundcube but your email will function as it has always and no issues are expected.

The Horde Mail may be reintroduced in future if the application is updated to run on a more secure version of PHP.


How to Check Your Email Using Roundcube

You can check your email with Roundcube from the cPanel control panel section of your website. This requires that you login to cPanel or you access your webmail directly with a webmail URL.

To login to cPanel and chec your email, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your cPanel username and password. Once authenticated, you should be able to access your secured cPanel control panel area.
  3. Under Email , click email accounts. The cPanel control panel is usually divided into various section to cover the tools available for your website and business. Once you click the email accounts, you will be able to access the list of emails that had been created on our account. If you have not created any emails, you will also find the link to do so by clicking the "create" link which is usually found at the right hand side on the page. If there is an existing email address you want to access, then proceed with the next steps.
  4. Click check email. Your email will now open with the option to access your mail with any of the available email clients. Once Horde is finally removed, you will not have other options and will be able to access your emails right away with Roundcube. If there are other email client options, you will simply need to click on your preference.


Further reading:

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Shared Hosting Plan Changes

In addition to allowing monthly hosting subscription, we have reviewed our hosting features and prices of our shared plans and WordPress hosting as follows:

Hosting Plan Previous Data Plan Old Price New Data Plan New Price Free Domain
Economy Plan 25 GB Disk Space ₦13,000/year 50 GB Disk Space ₦27,000/year Yes
Standard Plan 50 GB Disk Space ₦25,000/year 100 GB Disk Space ₦45,000year Yes
Business Plan 100 GB Dis Space ₦35,000/year 150 Disk Space ₦63,000/year Yes

Compare shared hosting plans, features and pricing details here.

Host Up To 50 Websites With Addon Domains

Addon domains allow you to host multiple websites with just a single web hosting account. Now you can host as much as 50 websites on our shared hosting plans.Check the changes below:

Hosting Plan Previous Addon  New Addon Domains
Economy Plan None No changes
Standard Plan 5 25
Business Plan 10 50

Compare all shared hosting plans, features and pricing details here.


How Will The Price and Plan Changes Affect Customers?

First, you now have more disk space for your websites. That means you can setup larger and faster websites. The number of addon domains have also been increased allowing you to set up multiple websites with a single web hosting account. That will save you the cost of buying new web hosting accounts for every new website you own.

Warning: If you will be setting up websites for other people, this option will not be good for you because your clients will need to access their control panel independently. If you use addon for websites, it allows a single login access which means one user can access the information of people without their permission and can also terminate their accounts if he or she wishes.


For further reading, the following guide will be very helpful:

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How Do I Create and Delete a Parked Domain

How to Create a SubDomain in cPanel


Changes to Domain Retail Prices

We have reviewed the pricing for domain names as follows:

Domain Name Old Price New Price
.com ₦6,500/year ₦9,500/year
.net ₦6,500/year ₦9,500/year
.info ₦6,500/year ₦9,500/year
.org ₦11,000/year ₦12,500/year
.co ₦8,000.00/year ₦12000.00/year
.US ₦6,500.00year ₦9,000.00/year
  ₦4,000/year ₦9,000.00/year

Check domain availability and all domain prices by clicking here

You can use the live chat to contact customer support or send us a support ticket if you have any issues with accessing your emails or you need further clarifications on the changes we have made.


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Final Words

The changes we make to our web hosting services are usually designed to ensure that we are able to deliver the right quality of services to you.

Friday, September 30, 2022

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