Welcome to 2018. It is our plan to make 2018 more rewarding for our web hosting than ever. The year 2017 was quite challenging with changes to our terms of service and a whole new development and innovation to our service provision.


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2017 in Review

In the previous year there were lots of changes and improvement to our web hosting services. Much of these changes were tied to server upgrade and application upgrade to the automated management software within our client area. Few changes are worth mentioning.

Upgrade to EasyApache 4

In 2017, we courageously upgraded to EasyAppache4 enabling clients to take advantage of PHP7 which is still currently the fastest php version.

Improved Internal Management of Client Support

We improved on collusion cases by reducing the chances that multiple member of staff will be working on a ticket at the same time.. This has enhanced our user experience and made us more efficient in customer support.

Enhanced Credit and Pre-funding

It is now possible for clients to set their credit not to automatically charge for every maturing invoice. So you can now add credit to your account and use it when you want it and for the invoices you may wish to apply them to. This gives you the confidence to add funds to your account and be sure that added funds will not be mis-applied.

Client Web Hosting Resource Upgrade

In 2017 we upgraded our basic small business web hosting plan from 3GB to 5GB, pushed the basic plan to 10GB, the standard plan went up to 20GB. Bandwidth usage availability remained unlimited for all shared hosting plans, so also were emails , databases and other resources.

Resellers Now Allowed to Oversell

Disk space over selling is hardly a feature on most reseller hosting plans. With disk space over selling, you can continue to create accounts on your reseller hosting account until your allocated disk space is exhausted. So you no longer will be limited by the number of accounts you create and the disk space you allocate to the accounts. For instance, before now, if you buy the 5GB reseller level 1 plan and create a package of 100MB, it means you can host 50 websites to use up the 5GB allocated to your reseller plan. Now, with disk space and bandwidth overselling, you will continue to create accounts for as long as the 5GB is not exhausted. The same goes to your bandwidth usage.

Improvement on Ordering Form

We have made it quite easy for users to place orders right from the homepage by enhancing the ordering process. Now, you no longer have to select the domain extension from the drop down, you can enter your domain name in full and proceed with your order. If your domain name is not available, you have options and alternatives to choose from.

Expectations for 2018

We hope to improve your experience with Todhost in 2018 with a lot of enhancements.

Knowledgebase Improvement

We will significantly improve on the amount of articles available on our knowledgebase to make it easier for users to find answers and solutions to the problems they want resolved. Knowledgebase will be more specific and detailed as required by Google.

More Time Available for Registration of Expired Domains

Before now, it was not possible to register an expired  domain after 30 days. Now, this has been extended to 40 days. So you have more time to register your domain at regular price after it epires. However, if it goes into redemption you will still have to pay more to get it back.

Fastest Server Hosting

Todhost has worked hard to be Nigeria's fastest web hosting. We will be improving on the strenght of all our servers this year ensuring that we provide the most optimum pperformance. As at January 2018, we provided the best speed measured on Gtmetrix and Google page Insights as well as tests on the Google newly launched mobile speed test tool.

As you may be aware, page speed will play more critical role in web page ranking this year and beyond.. Google had already given this this indication and we are committed to better expperience for our customers, therefore we will sustain our leading performance as the fastes web host in Nigeria.

Re-Introduction of Softaculous

Our last migration took off Softaculous and replaced it with QuickInstall on our servers. We will be replacing Softaculous on our servers. We have found Softaculous to run a more updated and hassle-free installation of your favourite scripts and softwares.

Automatic Backups

Automatic backups will be re-introduced as a courtesy service.This will not replace the client backup service. You are still expected to maintain a healthy backup and download your backups to your local computers which is the best and most secure way to stay safe and guarded against eventualities..

Website Security

We have always taken website security very seriously.. Where possible, we will attempt to run updates for clients but that will not be done without a notification. We will keep you notified and seek your consent before acting on your website.. However, where no response is received and there is something we can do to safeguard an exploitation or stop one, block a vulnerability and keep your website safe from intruders, we will act without a further notification. Where we are unable to fix the problem or do not clearly understand what to do, we will contact you to act and where the stability and reputation of our servers are threatened we will take further action which could include a suspension or termination.

Payment Methods

We will re-introduce the credit card payment methods before the end of the first quarter of 2018.. That will make it easy to pay from your point of purchase and using your preferred internet pay points. We will also make payment possible through more banks to give more options to clients who will want to pay with the bank deposit options.


We tested the livechat tool in August 2017 and it was effective.. However, it slowed down our website by about a second. That mattered to us and so we will re-introduce the Livechat after our planned upgrade in February 2018.. We hope the livechat experience will seed up the process of resolving issues and enhancing your experience especially reducing waiting time. Livechat will be available during the day.. Ticketing support will be available for 24hours.

Enhanced cPanel Functionality

Managing your website from within your Todhost control panel and the cPanel environment had been enhanced through improvements in our billing system software. Now it is possible to manage your billing from within cPanel and to manage your files from withing the Todhost client area. The improvements expected in the year will build on current milestones and enhance user experience.

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication adds another layer of security to your website management section. After you successfully enter your email and client area password, you will be sent a code which is delivered to the telephone number on file. It is only when you enter this code correctly that you can be allowed to access the client area. That means that losing your password is no guarantee to the thief that he or she can access your Todhost client area, make changes to your website. He still needs to scale one major huddle. In 2018 we will be introducing the two factor authentication.

Instant Domain Registration

On like with web hosting which is setup instantly after payment is received, it currently takes up to 2 hours to activate domain name registration orders.. We will be working hard to improve on this and register domains instantly once payments are received. Currently, domain registration is done manually to avoid a wrong registration. With our current system, allowing auto mated registration has resulted in cases of renewals without client permission which had turned out to be losses to us. We will be working to address that issue and ensure that we address this issue before we activate the automated and instant registration for domains. Automated account creation for web hosting will be sustained.

Improved Ticket Expert Support

We will improve on localizing support departments. That means there will no longer be mix-ups for tickets intended for billing, technical support or sales. This will speed up our response time as different people will immediately handle tickets once they arrive rather than support staff moving the ticket to a relevant department.

Regionalizing Support and Service Management

During our first attempt to launch in other countries outside Nigeria, we attempted to centralize our billing from Detroit and our client and support management from Nigeria, this proved to be counter-productive.. In 2018, we will launch in five new countries and the support will be regionalized. Clients in South Africa will now have to be supported from the South African platform while clients in Kenya will be supported from the Kenyan platform. That way, it will become easy, convenient and less cumbersome to resolve issues as client account for Kenyan clients will not be found on Todhost Nigeria nor will a Nigerian client try to access support from Todhost South Africa.

Final Words

2018 will witness a revolution in our web hosting services and we thought we should share these with you. You will experience an extraordinary joyful web hosting experience with super-fast servers, excellent customer support, a one-stop hosting company that will provide all you desire for web hosting, domain registration SSL and other addon services. Welcome to the year 2018 and stay with Todhost for the best web hosting experience!

Friday, January 26, 2018

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