How to create, check and manage your email in cPanel

There are pretty simple ways you can create and check emails in cPanel. The most common is to access your website control panel directly. Whichever way you choose to create and check your emails, the goal is the same and it does not in any way affect the display features available for use in your email service.

Now let's go straight to how you can create and check emails in cPanel.


How to Create and Check Emails in cPanel

You can create your emails from your Todhost client area and also directly from your cPanel control panel.


How to Create and Check Emails in Todhost Client Area

Note: The procedure here can apply to virtually all hosting environments which run on the popular cPanel control panel.

This is probably the easiest process to follow. Here are the steps involved:


  1. Login to the Todhost client area and enter the correct login credentials. If you are on the Todhost website, simply click the login button to proceed. If you forget your login information, you can click on the forgot password button, enter your email into the text area that opens up and submit. A password reset link will be sent to your email. Note that this email will be the same you submitted while creating your account with Todhost. Once you have reset your password, you can proceed to the next stage.
  2. Once logged in, it will take you to an interface where you can access your services including your hosting services, domain names, active and pending tickets as well as your current unpaid invoices. From the top menu bar, you will be able to perform a lot of functions including ticket submission and purchase of new services (which you can also do from the side bar) amongst others.
  3. Next, from the top menu bar, click "Services", a drop down comes up then you click "my services" . You can also click the Services button from the dashboard. You will then navigate to a section that displays your hosting accounts listed in alphabetical order. There are basically five key pieces of information that will be displayed about your products and services. These include your SSL status, your account and domain name attached to the account, its pricing information, the next due date for its renewal, and its present status (be it expired, active, cancelled or terminated as the case may be).
  4. Click on the green "active" which appears under the status column. That takes you to an environment where you access your detailed account information. You will find the web hosting package plan on which your website runs, a link to manage your domain name, you will find your disk usage and bandwidth usage statistics, then you will scroll down to a section titled "Quick Shortcuts".
  5. Scroll down to the sections named "Quick shortcuts" and "Quick Create Email Account". These two sections will allow you to create and check your emails with ease and you will not be required to further authenticate before you can access these functions.
  6. To create emails, scroll to the "Quick Create Email Account" section and type your preferred email prefix in the text box, enter your desired password and click create. That automatically creates your email for your specific domain name.
  7. To check emails, scroll to the "quick shortcuts" section and click on email accounts. That will take you to the cPanel control panel and will display a list of the email accounts you have previously created.
  8. Next, from the list, you should find the email address you intend to access or check. To check that email, click on check email. It will open in a new window and give you the option to choose the email client you want to use to check your email. The current default is Roundcube.
  9. Check the "open my inbox when I log in and click "open". That should take you to the inbox of your email from where you can access your specific email addresses.

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Check Emails Directly

You can check your email/webmail directly by visiting yourwebsite/webmail. This will prompt you to a window where you need to enter your login credentials.

The username is your email in full. You will also have to input your email password to continue. Once you are authenticated, you will be able to access your emails and perform every other function listed above.


What Else Can You Do From The Email Interface

There are a lot you can do on your email accounts following the process outlined above. You can change your email password, set up auto-responders, create and manage email filters, create and manage email forwarders, set up an email address that can receive account notifications and password reset information, create spam filters, set up BoxTrapper to protect your account from spam,, manage your webmail disk usage and more. We will briefly explain how some of these functions can be performed.

How to Change email password: Progress to 8 above. Click on password and security. You will then navigate to a page where you will be required to enter your new password. Confirm the password and save. Please avoid weak passwords, do not use date of birth, month, house address and such easy to remember passwords because they are vulnerable to brute force attacks.

How to setup auto-responders: Progress to 8 above and click "Autoresponders". Click "add autoresponder" On the next page, you need not change the character set. You will need to set an interval to protect your account from spam especially when a contact us form is filled quite often prompting an auto response loop. Setting an interval will force the system to wait for the set number of hours between responses to the same email address. When set to zero, the system will always respond.

Proceed to fill the form that follows and save your autoresponder. Once a message is sent to that email address, it will trigger the autoresponder and the sender will be sent the already prepared message.

How to setup email filters: Email filters allow you to set rules for incoming emails and how they should be treated. You can use filters to automatically delete that contain certain words and do much more.

How to create and manage email forwarders: Email forwarders allow you to automatically send a copy of emails received in your email account to another email. It is used to effectively manage emails for email addresses that are not often accessed. Learn more in this article on how to create an email forwarder in cPanel

How to set up an email address that can receive account notifications and password reset information: If you have lost your email password and wish to reset your email password, this allows you to setup a different email address where you can receive password reset information. You will also be able to get notification when someone logs into your email successfully.

How to setup spam filters: Spam filters allow you to filter out spam emails before they get to your inbox. It is an effective way to deal with email addresses that have been associated with spam. To set up spam filters, you click on spam filters then set up the threshold for the server to act. You use the threshold to tell the server to discard any emails whose spam score meets or exceeds the designated threshold. It means that the lower the threshold, the more emails that will be allowed into your inbox. There is an option to disable this feature which means that all emails will enter your inbox. You ac read more in this article on how to enable spam assasin in cPanel

How to setup BoxTrapper: The BoxTrapper feature is a great way to filter out messages from fake email addresses from making it into your email account. It uses a challenge-response verification process so that when an account with BoxTrapper enabled receives an email, BoxTrapper automatically sends a verification email in response. The sender must complete the verification process before the email can pass to your inbox.

How to manage email disk space:This feature allows you free your disk space of unwanted mails before it gets full and unable to receive new emails. It also allows you to set your disk quota to unlimited or some other size. Note that the unlimited disk quota still restricts you to the size allocated to your hosting account.

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Have Email Problems?

Facing some email problems not addressed in this tutorial or you are simply unable to fix an email issue? It is best to contact your web host. If you are a Todhost customer, we recommend you contact customer support via live chat or you submit a support ticket for expert support.

Here are some resources you will find helpful to fix your email problems:

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Final Words

Communication via email is still the most widely used means of reaching out to customers, clients and associates and email usage is still a dominant factor and consideration for signing up and owning a website.

Webmail does not only provide an opportunity and interface to send your emails, it also offers lots of tools for security, personalization and marketing.

We encourage users to explore these tools to make the best out of their emails, especially the security aspect which protects you from spam.

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