How Do I Create and Delete a Parked Domain

Parked domains are additional domains which you host on your account. They will display the same website as your primary domain and do NOT have separate web statistics, but you can give the parked domain its own email boxes. Parked domains are often used by businesses that want to have more than one web address for advertising purposes.

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For example, if you own and it is the primary domain of your cPanel account, you can set up as a parked domain and it will load the content of You will notice that although the content of is loading in the browser, the address bar will display This is similar to a masked forward.

Having provided this explanation, you will want to ask why people park domains since it simply loads the content on of an eisting website.

Why Park a Domain Name?

Quite often, domain parking happens with new domains. When people buy a new domain name, in most cases, they are just starting out on a new website project and are likely not to have a website in place. What most domain registrars do is to direct your newly registered domain name to a dummy page. The dummy page will in most cases contain advertisements. This occurs because at the time of registering your new domain, you were unable to point the domain to anywhere due to the absence of an active web hosting service.

In other cases, you may want to park your domain because you have registered your domain name in speculation and are still undecided. You will want to par the domains and point them to an active website temporarily until you are able to decide on what to do with them.

You will also want to allow domain parking if the domain has many links pointing to it. This means that a user follows the link, and instead of geting a "page not found" error message, it displays ads related to a domain name.

The other thing that goes for a parked domain is that many people usually and sometimes accidentally enter the domain name into the address bar without completing it with the right extension. The browser tries to find a website and automatically adds range. If you have a domain with the browser searching the associated web page it will then display your parked domain.

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To add a parked domain, please do the following:
Login to cPanel and click the Parked Domains icon.
In the box to the right of New Domain Name, provide the domain name for which you would like to park on top of your primary domain.

Click Add Domain.

You have just added a Parked Domain.

To remove a parked domain, please do the following:

Login to cPanel and click Parked Domains.

At the bottom, under Actions, click Remove.

Domains must be registered with a valid registrar before they can be parked. In addition, they will not be functional unless they are configured to point to the same name servers as your primary domain.

Is There an Alternative to Domain Parking

You may not want to par your domain names and want to know if there be another way to go about it. Yes. You can host your extra domains on an account that allows multiple domain hosting. Since you may not have decided on what to do with the domains, you can simply create blank pages for each of such domains. If you wish, you can also create a static one-page for such domains. But doing that will tell people about your domain and the purpose yyou intend it for. You may also want to use a temporary page under construction for your domain.

The point made here is that you can have your domain setup on a hosting account that allow multiple domain hosting. So your domains can simply be hosted on your account as an addon domains.

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What is the difference between parked, addon, and subdomains?

Let’s assume that you already host on your account. In that case, a subdomain would be like When creating a subdomain, a directory in your public_HTML (main/ www) folder is created. In fact, a subdomain is another website with its unique content under the name of: You can create unlimited number of subdomains through the cPanel of your account.

An addon domain is a second website, with its own unique content. This type does require you to register the new domain name before you can host it. So, if you want to host, this is the solution. Please read before creating an Addon Domain.

A parked domain is NOT a unique website. Instead, it is a masked forward to the primary domain name of your cPanel account, much like a website alias. Parked domains are commonly used when you need a place to park a domain you do not have a website for, when you have more than one domain that should lead to your primary domain, or when you have common misspellings of your domain name that you have registered.

Alternatives to traditional pay-per-click domain parking

Here are some alternatives to traditional method of parking a domain name:

RootOrange – RootOrange will lease your domain name on a local basis to multiple parties. What this means is that this leasing will provide your page with a steady income stream that should top what you can achieve by using the domain at an international-only level.

Shopping Feeds – This is good and recommended for a product domain. You can should consider “developing” your domain by including products on the page. This will make it look like an e-commerce site. You can try Epik Product, which uses various affiliate feeds. Epik charges a set up fee, but offers a guarantee.

Octane360 – Octane360 creates directory sites on your geo domain names. An eample is It then sells directory listings to local businesses via a call center. Sites can also be monetized using PPC and pay-per-lead.

DevHub – DevHub offers a simple, WYSIWYG editor to create web sites quickly. You can drag-and-drop shopping product feeds, news, video widgets, and more. Monetization is primarily through PPC, but also includes affiliate and CPA options.

WhyPark – Now owned by domain parking company, WhyPark develops domain names using articles and other syndicated content. It also allows you to add your own custom content for better results. Although this is traditionally recommended for domains that don’t get much traffic, WhyPark has been able to take good type-in domains and make more money than with traditional domain parking.

What If Your Preferred Domain Name Is Taken

There have bbeen cases where you create your website and develop content for it before you decide on the appropriate domain name. We have seen cases where a domain name that was checked for availability before the commencement of design turns out to be takken some few dayslater when the developer tries to register the domain name. In such case, you have to quickly decide on what next to do. Here is a guide on what yyou can do.

Your first step should be to enter the domain name you’re interested in in the domain checker boxx. The list provided will show you which domain extensions (like .COM and .CO) that are still available with your desired name, and also which have already been registered. Remember that a registered domain may not have a website and you can have as many domains as you want as long as you can pay for them.

If a domain name is not showing as available, some reasons might be that the owner:

is using it for a website
is planning to use it on a site that’s not launched yet
is only using the domain for email addresses.
is keeping it because the name is similar to a domain he/she is actively using and the domain is being redirected to their site
has an idea for the future and registered the domain in advance
is just fond of the name
wants to prevent other entities from using his/her name or brand
The domain mayy have epired but has not been renewed or is already in a redemption state.

Is Registering The Name With A Different Extention a Good Practice?

Yes. It is a good practice to take a different extension of the same name if yyour choice is no longer available.

Slowly but surely though, people are embracing top-level domains (TLDs) other than .COM. (In case you’re wondering, the TLD is the part of the domain after the dot, e.g. the “COM” in And with hundreds of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) hitting the market, ranging from city names (e.g. .LONDON and .BERLIN) to hobbies and professions (e.g. .PHOTOGRAPHY and .ACCOUNTANTS) to surnames (e.g. .KIM or .WANG), it’s becoming more normal by the day to take to this option.

What About Swiching to A Big Web Platform

This will only require a registration and getting a custom username. But having your own domain name, even if it’s not perfect, is a far better option than building your online presence on top of another service’s URL, e.g. or This practice of building your brand, service, or web presence on another organization’s platform is an example of “sharecropping”, and can be problematic for a number of reasons.
  • The company you are hosting on controls how your presence can look or function.
  • The company can change services or raise rates, leaving you with no option than to accept or loose your site.
  • The company can control how much exposure you get.
  • The company can limit your access to analytics, thereby limiting your understanding of your website performance and what changes are necessaryy to improve performance.
  • The company can can simply take your site offline without much notice or explanation. This will usually happen if you violate their terms of service.

You can always switch domains later, but it’s a good idea to start with a web address you control while you build up your search engine visibility.

What If There is No Active Website For The Domain?

You still cannot have the domain inso much as it has been registered by someone else. You may want to buy the domain from its current owner but that can be very tricky and you can be swindled after you have paid yet, the domain will not be released to you. If you want to buy, you need to go through a credible domain echange service.
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