Basic Virtuemart Configuration Tutorial

Virtuemart Installation

The technical requirements for VirtueMart are consistent with the requirements for Joomla! Currently Virtuemart can be installed on Joomla! 3.x as it is compatible with modern versions of this CMS.

To install the stable version of VirtueMart, follow these steps:

Download the Complete Package (
Extract (unzip) the archive locally on your computer.
This will extract two more zip-files:
• – which holds the main VirtueMart component.
• – which holds all modules and plugins essential for VirtueMart.
Log in to the admin system of your Joomla! site.
Click on the Extension Manager option, under the Extensions menu. Select the Install tab.
Click the Browse button next to the Upload Package File field.
Find and select the file. Click the Open button. The file upload dialogue closes and the name of the file appears in the field next to the Package File label.

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Step 1: installing VirtueMart component

Click Upload & Install. The system will now install the component. If successful, you will see a confirmation message.

VirtueMart during installation gives you two options

VirtueMart gives you two options during the installation process. If you want to add the sample data (which include products, categories, etc.), click the Install Sample Data button, or else click the button labeled Go (Directly) to the Shop – to have an empty web store in which you can create your own product categories and add products of your own choosing to those categories.

The VirtueMart component is now fully-installed; however, you will also need to install the related & necessary extensions from the package.

How to install VirtueMart modules and plugins

Now you can install the component (aio = all-in-one) also via the Joomla! Extension Manager. This will install six free modules and plugins supplied by the Virtuemart Team all at once.

Installing Virtuemart Plugins and modules Success.

Enable all necessary VirtueMart extensions

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Access the Module Manager by selecting the Module Manager option under the Extensions menu. There (add and) enable all VirtueMart modules which you are planning to use.
Access the Plugins Manager by selecting the Plug-in Manager option under the Extensions menu. Once there, enable all necessary VirtueMart Plugins (vmpayments and VirtueMart Product which allows for searching of the VirtueMart Component).

The installation process is now complete and you should be able to access all the features of VirtueMart. Once installed, you can configure the extension to handle multiple products and categories and support a wide range of shipping and payment options.

Your next step should be to create a link to your VirtueMart store front so users can get access to store offers.

Of course this installation does not include any modules and plugins from third-party developers – these are available from the JED directory.

Extensions for VM

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How to fix currency not defined error in Virtuemart

How to remove the currency not defined error in Virtuemart Joomla extension. Before you can start to add products to VirtueMart you have to set the currency and add a shop name. From the VirtueMart menu on the left, click on Shop and choose the Shop menu item link. In the top left is the following form in the Vendor Information tab.

Removing the currency not defined error

Now you have to enter a Shop Company Name (or site owner name if preferred) and a name for your shop.
Then click on the Currency option and select the currency you want use in the shop; this will be the main currency that your store uses and will be the base from which other currencies are calculated. If you also accept additional currencies you may click in the list of accepted currencies field to bring up a list of other currencies; simply click on the accepted currency and it will be added to the list. Do this for every currency you want to accept.

Choose currency for shop

During this process we suggest that you fill the Terms of Service and MetaTags fields.
When you click on the Save button, the currency warning will disappear but another
message will appear: “Please fill out the required fields, you may take a look on the tab Shopper Information“.
As suggested in the message, click on the Additional Information tab just below the message itself. VirtueMart was just warning you that the most basic information (Bill To Information) required to configure the store was missing.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill all fields that are marked in red and have an asterisk (*) next to them.

Shop basic configuration

VM: Shop basic configuration – fill all red marked fields
Now the warnings should have cleared.
If you see a Missing Flag abc-ABC for language abc-ABC message, you should go to Extensions -> Language Manager -> Content, and check the Image Prefix parameter for this language.

That's it. You now know how to fix the currency not defined error in Virtuemart Joomla extension.

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Creating a new Virtuemart category

For you to be able to add a new product into Virtuemart, you will first need to create a new category because categories are used for the grouping of products to be sold on your website. The VM system supports the creation of both parent and child categories. Click either the Products Categories link on the left menu or the icon. You can create a new category by clicking the New icon in the toolbar.

New category for VM products

In the Category Name field, type a name for your category. This is the only required field; I suggest that you change the Published setting for your new category from No to Yes. Then save changes (Save & close button). Now you may proceed to add new products.

You now know how to create a new category in Virtuemart Joomla e-commerce application.

Adding and Changing Sorting Options in Virtuemart Category View

Virtuemart is a Joomla e-commerce component used in building e-commerce websites with the Joomla application. It is easy to install and does not require some special coding on configuration to wok. It's quite easy to configure and use. Virtuemart. Traditionally, Joomla and Virtuemant displays products based on the time it was added to the list. The most recent is displayed first. There are times you want to implement your preference in the display order for your Virtuemart categories. Adding and Changing Sorting Options in Virtuemart Category View will help you with “How to display VirtueMart Products in the order you want” – in following guide you will find the way to do that.

VirtueMart - Default sorting options in category view

Go to Components -> VirtueMart.
In Menu Configuration -click the Configuration menu item.
In the Product Order Settings tab, set Default Product Sort Order to Product Price (to display your products in the price order – Ascending or Descending) or Ordering (to display your products in the order you created them). Select any other option in the drop down box to suit your needs.

VirtueMart - chaining default sorting options

Now you can Save & Close updated settings. Refresh website page to view new available options on front-end of your shop.

Creating a new Virtuemart product

To add a new product to your Joomla Virtuemart Shop, click the New icon on the top-right toolbar of the Product List, or click the Add Product option under the Products menu. Remember that the currency must be defined before adding the new product. VirteMart product definition interface is very easy to use, and well planned in tabs to take the required data in groups. The New Product dialogue includes following tabs:

Product Information
Display Description
Product Status
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Images
Custom fields – which includes Related Categories and Products feature – In VM, a related product is a product that you would like your customer to buy, in addition to the one that the customer is viewing.

In Product SKU field – enter into this field an alphanumeric value, Basically, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a unique identifier for each distinct product that can be purchased. SKUs are often used to refer to different versions of the same product.

In Product Name field – enter a name for the product. This field is required and will be shown on the front end of the store.

Click on the Manufacturer dropdown, if you have any manufacturers, and choose one from the list.
Click on the Product Categories dropdown and choose one or more categories to associate with the product.

Afterwards you should enter the all inclusive price in your main currency into the Final price field.
Now you can check the Calculate Cost Price checkbox, unless you want to enter it separately.

Next you should take care of adding the description of the product in next tab.
Virtuemart: Product Description

Virtuemart: Product Description

Here you need to add a Short description about the item. Product Description will be shown when a customer clicks on the item, on the actual product page and the short description on the category page. We strongly suggest to use and fill both fields.

In next tab you can change status and availability of product, how many products of this kind you have or when the product will
be enabled on the store.
VirtueMart: Product Status

VirtueMart: Product Status

You could also provide more physical information about the product using the Length, Weight, Dimensions fields. This could be important for certain types of products. This section is only necessary if you will be calculating your shipping based on dimensions or weight.
VirtueMart: Product Dimensions and Weight

VirtueMart: Product Dimensions and Weight

The more images we add for a certain product, the better they help a customer to decide about their final buying decision. That’s why the Product Images tab is so much important. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the following box:
VM: Upload New image

VM: Upload New image

We can add as many images as we want by using the Upload File option. Click on Browse…, find and select your product image. After adding new product image, click on the Save button from the row of buttons at the top of the page to complete this process and then add another one.
VirtueMart: Product images manager

VirtueMart: Product images manager

You can see the Additional Images of the product when you browse to the item details page, they will be under main image.

How to add your Virtuemart store to a menu

One very important step in virtuemart store configuration is to create a link in the main menu to your VirtueMart store. To create a VirtueMart menu item in Joomla!:

Log into the Joomla! admin Dashboard
In the top menu, hover over Menus, then hover over the menu you want to place your VirtueMart link in, and then click Add New Menu Item.
Click the Select button next to the Menu Item Type field.
Under Select a Menu Item Type, find and click the Frontpage link under the VirtueMart header.

Adding VM to Menu

In the Menu Title field, enter the text desired for the Menu link.

VM Menu item name

In the top right menu, click Save & Close. Done. Now your shop is available from the front-end.

How to add terms and condtions in Virtuemart

The terms and conditions information is used to set the rules for the use of your Viryuemart store and to make certain regulations clear as they apply to the store. You should inform your shop customers of the rules to protect both them and yourself legally, as well as to ensure that your customers are aware of what they are entitled to when purchasing from you. Often, this information can be incorporated into the legal notice (terms of service). The transaction cannot be finalized unless the customer agrees to the conditions of the sale by selecting the Terms and Conditions checkbox.

VirtueMart have a special field for this legal content. In the VirtueMart left menu choose Basic and click on the Vendor tab.

VirtueMart TOS

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the following form:
Terms and Conditions field

VM: Terms of Services field

Please fill it with the appropriate content; consult with a lawyer if necessary to ensure the wording is correct and adequately informs the user of any responsibilities or other conditions of sale. When finished, click the Save & Close button at the top.

In order to edit/modify/translate the “Terms of service” title and “Click here…” strings, please, open the file language/en-GB/en-GB.com_virtuemart.ini and find these lines:

COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_TOS=”Terms of service”
COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_TOS_READ_AND_ACCEPTED=”Click here to read terms of service and check the box to accept them.”

Edit the wording shown in the quotes and save and upload the changed language file.

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