SEO and Google News Update - January 2021

Google New Mobile Search Design Side By Side Comparison Google has announced the beginning of the rollout of its new mobile search results design. I now see this new design and I wanted to share some side by side comparisons of the old versus the new design for queries. We did cover the announcement when it was announced but now it should be ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2021
SEO and Google News Update - December 2020

Google: Why You See Portions Of Your Site Go Up Or Down After Algorithm Updates Google's John Mueller said in a video hangout last week at the 37:02 mark that you can see parts or portions of your web site go up or down after an algorithm update. The reason for that is that some of Google's algorithms not only try to look at the "bigger picture ... Read More »

30th Dec 2020
SEO and Google News Update - November 2020

Google says it’s important that web pages are linked internally Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout that it is important that the pages on your website are linked from other pages of your website. You should make sure that you do have internal links pointing at your web pages. Otherwise, Google might ignore them: If you ... Read More »

7th Oct 2020
SEO and Google News Update - September 2020

How Google Handles Naked Links Google's John Mueller answers how Google handles bare URL inbound links that do not have an anchor text.   In a Google Office Hours SEO hangout Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller answered how Google handles links that don’t have anchor text. In a follow up question he answered if text ... Read More »

3rd Oct 2020
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