PHP 7.4 reaches end of life, why you should upgrade to PHP 8

The much awaited PHP 8.1 is finally here. As contained in our previous announcement which notified you of the depreciation of the Horde mail email interface. PHP 7.4 reached its end-of-Life on November 28, 2022 and PHP 8.1 is already here. Eventually, PHP 7.4 will be deprecated in the cPanel interface. Although cPanel says it will continue to ... Read More »

4th Feb 2023
Depreciation of Horde Webmail Application and New Hosting Price and Plan Changes

The following changes will be applying to our service configuration: Depreciation of Horde Webmail Interface necessitated by software changes to which Horde is currently not compatible. Changes to our hosting plans. Changes to domain prices for Nigerian customers. Price changes for Nigerian customers have been necessitated by the current ... Read More »

30th Sept 2022
New Measures We Are Taking To Protect Internet Users From Fraudsters

We are writing to communicate upcoming changes to our Terms of Service agreement. Beginning August 1, 2022, Todhost will start taking additional steps to verify user accounts when the credentials supplied are in doubt. For example, a client setting up a suspicious website for a Chinese firm while he is resident in Lagos, Nigeria will be ... Read More »

10th Jul 2022
Changes to Our Hosting Plans and Features

Last week, we took some crucial decisions regarding our web hosting plans and features. Although this will essentially affect only new web hosting orders since all existing plans will become hidden in the order form but continue to run for current users. It is important we intimate you on how the changes will affect you, your hosting packages and ... Read More »

4th Oct 2021
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