How to detect a vulnerable WordPress plugin

The power and functionality of your WordPress website lie in its plugins. Plugins can do so much for your small business website. You can use them to make your WordPress site load faster, make your content shareable, collect visitor email addresses for your marketing list, and do better in search results. The fortunate and good side is that many of the best WordPress plugins that can upgrade your website and your business blog are free.   Further reading: Best Brute Force Protection Plugins For WordPress 9 Common Problems of a WordPress Website Before You Install a WordPress Plugin, Ask These Questions Best Comment Plugin for WordPress Websites Best Google Analytic Plugin for WordPress Best Plugins for Faster Loading [...]

A Practical Guide to Secure and Maintain Your Website

Maintenance and stability are two of very important aspects of website not often talked about until there is a disaster. They are two concepts that are often get brushed aside especially by regular website owners whose websites had been designed by a third party, a freelancer or by someone who was contracted to do so. But dealing with website security and been assured that a website is secure can be exciting and comforting.   Further reading How to Protect Your Website From Hackers A Detailed Guide on How to Remove Google Blacklist Warning 4 Things That Will Make Your Website Unhackable Best Drupal Security Modules How to Maintain a Healthy WordPress Website WordPress Security Plugins Compared to Find Which [...]

How to Protect Your Website From Hackers

One thing that is truly terrifying for any website owner, is the thought of seeing all of your work altered or entirely wiped out by a nefarious hacker . It can be truly very frustrating to be the victim of a website hack and that is why no effort should be spared to maintain the security of your website.   Further reading: A Practical Guide to Secure and Maintain Your Website Hackers Exploit Expired Domains to Steal Vital Data How to Find and Clean Backdoors in a Hacked WordPress Site How A Plugin Installation Can Crash Your Wordpress Website Hackers Exploit Expired Domains to Steal Vital Data Best Practices for OpenCart Website Security Best Practices for Magento Website Security 6 steps to [...]

WordPress Security Plugins Compared to Find Which Works Best

Security should be everyone's concern. Our experience have shown that small website owners who don’t use WordPress security plugins think that only those websites with huge traffic are prone to malicious attacks . The reality is that just because your website is small, doesn’t mean that your site is not going to be the target of malicious attacks .   Further reading WordPress Plugins You Can't Do Without WordPress Performance: How to Find a Slow Plugin Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers with these Easy Steps   In fact, small websites are actually an easier target for hackers because most of them don’t take any safety precautions to protect their site from hackers . [...]

How to Maintain a Healthy WordPress Website

Maintaining a healthy WordPress is fundamentally important for every website manager. From optimization tips , to security , to maintenance, running updates and lots more, we need to implement best practices to be sure we are free from hackers, stay safe and healthy. Also read: How to Reduce Security Risks From WordPress Plugins Fortunately, the release of WordPress 5.2, came with some great features and improvements for the WordPress CMS Being the most popular CMS today. We will in this post examine some basic tips necessary to keep your WordPress website healthy and conclude with the new features of WordPress 5.2.. Your WordPress site health will be based on tests your WordPress website passes successfully. If you pass all of them, your score would be 100%. [...]

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