WordPress Performance: How to Find a Slow Plugin

One common problem with Content Management Systems including WordPress is that they are usually slow. The q uick fix to a slow WordPress site and any other Content Management System is to enable a cache system.   Further reading: Best Comment Plugin for WordPress Websites 27 Free WordPress SEO Plugins that Will Improve Your Website Search Engine Rank How A Plugin Installation Can Crash Your Wordpress Website   But there are cases where increased traffic leads to slow site despite the existence of a functional cache system . In this article, we shall address this issue with slow WordPress plugins. One plugin can slow down the entire site . We shall look at the P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) and how [...]

Search Engine Manipulation: What It Is And Why Google Frowns At It

Google's comments in response to a legal battle against a publisher threw up some controversy over its position on Search Engine Optimization . Some think Google could come against SEO . But Google condemn Search Engine Manipulation and not SEO per say. Lets look further into this scenario. Does Google now view search engine optimization as bad, as spam, as something you could get banned for? Certainly not, but that is the take away you could now get based on a legal fight between Google and a publisher that was banned from its search results. Many of us have gotten a Google penalty including an outright ban. But this legal battle throws up some interesting questions and we will be seeing a possible change in the behavior of Google following this [...]

Best Practices for Managing 404 Error Pages

Website errors affect search engine rankings and so managing them in the proper and search engine friendly way is a good practice for every website manager. When a page no longer exists , because it has probably been deleted or moved to another directory, viewers are presented with a 404 error page . A 404 response code is returned by the server when there is no matching URI. In other words, the server is telling the browser that the content is not found.   Further reading: Common Errors Bloggers Should Avoid 20 Ways You Can Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate A Detailed Guide to Technical SEO Audit Common Causes of High Website Bounce Rate and How to Fix Them Common Problems with WordPress Websites and How to Fix [...]

Beginner Tips And Tricks For Drupal Websites

Drupal is a very popular Content Management System (CMS) and currently powers about 2.5 percent of internet websites. The strength of Drupal can be found in some of the websites it has to its credit including the Whitehouse , the Economist and the University of Arizona . There are several things that go for Drupal. One of them is that it is very flexible than some of the market leaders we prefere for web development . Drupal can be used to build very powerful websites, large, complex sites and can be used by non-technical folks without any HTML or Web design knowledge. Drupal is available with more than 16000 modules which can be addressed with Drupal core and add-on modules. Also read:  A Guide on How to Design Your Website By Yourself The choice [...]

Useful Tips and Tricks for WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your WordPress website needs more than a simple approach. Because of the importance placed on SEO , most website owners would want to find the perfect plugin to do this. But there some common mistakes associated with most Search Engine Optimization strategy which will aply to WordPress websites as well and we will be discussing this in this blog.post.   Further reading: How Not to Hurt Your Visitors When Using the WordPress Maintenance Mode Common Problems with WordPress Websites and How to Fix Them Best Slider Plugins for WordPress Websites Best Rated Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress Websites   1. Optimize Page Titles & Descriptions Page titles and meta descriptions are [...]

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