Best Internal Linking Strategy to Boost Your SEO

Many SEO specialists including the very experienced will sometimes forget about the power of internal linking . As backlinks from other websites become harder and harder to obtain (because people focus on the wrong techniques), using an internal linking strategy with the right combination of anchor texts can bring great SEO results that can seriously impact on your website ranks .   Further reading: 10 Local SEO Tools That Can Help Improve Your Google Rankings 30 Most Important Google Ranking Factors For Beginners 8 SEO Mistakes You Can Make and How to Address Them A Checklist For Analysing Your Website's SEO A Checklist of Bad SEO Practices to Avoid A Guide to Google Website Ranking   [...]

10 Local SEO Tools That Can Help Improve Your Google Rankings

Local SEO is gaining greater prominence just as an online presence is acceptably highly valuable for every business, no matter if you are located in a single place or have lots of offices around the globe. And search engine optimization is being applied both locally and globally.   Further reading:: The Top Most Important Google Ranking Factors A Practical Guide to Relationship Marketing Effects of Duplicate Content on SEO and Google Rankings Best SEO Plugins For the Major Website Platforms A Detailed Guide to Technical SEO Audit Best WordPress Plugins For Email Marketing   Businesses that want to optimize for local SEO should have all the necessary tools and knowledge to fulfill their goal. Now [...]

WordPress: Gutenberg Tips and Tricks You Should Know

The WordPress Gutenberg has been met with strong criticism regarding its rollout, that should not be a reason not to try it. Gutenberg is the future of WordPress. If you are still skeptical about Gutenberg, this post is for you. Below, we will share with you 12 exciting Gutenberg features that should make you switch to Gutenberg right now.   Further reading: How to Maintain a Healthy WordPress Website WordPress 5.0 Comes with Gutenberg Update 27 Free WordPress SEO Plugins that Will Improve Your Website Search Engine Rank 6 steps to clean and harden your Wordpress website Security with the Free Sucuri plugin 7 Steps to Reduce the Disc Space Used by Your WordPress Website 9 Common Problems of a WordPress [...]

Hackers Exploit Expired Domains to Steal Vital Data

Domain name change is something we often have to do especially when our business purpose changes and we need a new extension to reflect the changes. When businesses and blogs rename or merge, old domains sometimes get left behind. Security researchers say expired domains can put data at risk. In this post, we take a look at that in greater detail.   Further reading: How Does the WWW and Non WWW Domain URL Impact Your SEO? Does domain age and registration period affect SEO 4 Things That Will Make Your Website Unhackable Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers with these Easy Steps How to Prevent the most common Application Attacks against websites 6 Ways to Protect Your Website From Security Hacks   [...]

How to Fix Error 404 Not Found on Your WordPress Site

An error 404 occurs on every website that undergoes changes in URL, and redesign.. It occurs when you click on a link, but instead of getting the site you want, an error pops up indicating that the requested page is not available. Something along the lines of '404 Not Found'. A 404 error is the standardized HTTP status code. The message is sent from the webserver of an online presence, to the web browser (usually the client) that sent the HTTP request. The browser then displays this error code.   Further reading: Best Practices for Managing 404 Error Pages How to Fix Website Bounce Rate Problems 20 Ways You Can Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate How to Maintain a Healthy WordPress Website How website errors affect [...]

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