The Myths and Realities of Web Hosting

Web hosting business is a lucrative one especially for growing niches like Nigeria where there are few participants. However, there are lots of tricks and realities which are usually not very clear to prospects who will likely just signup to attractive offers without first going through the details about the terms and conditions . The most common of these is unlimited web hosting. Further reading: The Incredible Power Of Reseller Hosting Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers with these Easy Steps How to secure your website from attacks using the .htaccess file   The Myths and Realities of Unlimited Web Hosting Unlimited web hosting offers are common in the Web Hosting business. If you've ever shopped for web [...]

Effective Copywriting That Help Website Performance

Web design is about impression and you have to draft a good design to achieve success in attracting visitors , get their repeat visits and get the best from your website traffic . A key aspect of this is content development because decisions will be based on content and not just design layout or look. Also read:: How Fresh Content Impacts on Your Website Ranking A well written website copy tells a story, conveys a message, distinguish you from competitors and most of all makes visitors act. Also read: A Guide on How to Design Your Website By Yourself How to write website copy? We shall now take some detailed look at how to write a website copy. Writing for the web is often more complex than thought at first. Good copywriting means thorough [...]

How to Set Up Your Personal Blog With Joomla

People love blogs for a number of reasons including monetization , driving trafic to their websites and many more. Getting started with a blog website using your Joomla installation is quite easy. Once you have your web hosting plan activated within the right hosting environment, you can proceed to create your Joomla blog. You may want to turn your existing Joomla website into a blog or just create your new blog website. This article will provide you with the steps involved. Also read: A Review of 4 Popular Joomla SEO Extensions Also read: How to Prevent Spam on Your Joomla Website Why Joomla is a Preferred Blogging Platform to Many There are some positive reasons people use Joomla for blogging: 1. Joomla can handle a lot of traffic. Joomla [...]

How to Prevent an Exploitation of Your Website by An Attacker

If you are new to website hosting or website designing , you could have had an issue with your website and you may have been surprised that despite security assurances from your web hosting company , your website got suspended due to an attack or exploitation without your knowing how it happened. You can also face issues like spamming , White Screen of Death (WSOD) which is the result of an attack which produces a blank white screen. A WSOD is usually as a result with plugin or extension compatibility with your current CMS version. Regular updates to current CMS version including an update on all plugins and extensions is the solution to preventing this kind of attack. Plugin update in itself can sometimes create problems. You could also have experienced a hack [...]

Build Your Website With The Right Tool

Building a website has become much simpler with advances in technology and the availability of web development scripts. With the availability of site-builder scripts, you need only to be able to use your computer and you can build a complete website by substituting your information with the sample content. Also read: A Guide on How to Design Your Website By Yourself But the choice of web building tool to use will actually depend on the goals you intend to achieve. Competition has become very tough and websites today must be crafted to survive the increasingly competitive environment. Also read: What Search Engines Love and Hate About Websites To decide on which tool with which to build your website, you will need to decide on some key issues: How [...]

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