Beginner Guide to Local Internet Marketing

There is growing emphasis on local internet marketing. The rise in Google Maps , Google My Business and similar networking platforms have promoted local internet marketing as a great tool for in-person businesses that want to get more traffic into their physical store or office locations. Effective use of local internet marketing can build business reputation , trust and customer confidence. The lessons from local internet marketing can also be applied in growing the larger online business with a wider or global audience and targeting customers from different locations globally. In this post, we consider a strategic approach to building your physical local business through local online marketing. This will complement your efforts at business growth [...]

Getting Started With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important tool developed by Google for business owners and marketers to provide insights on web traffic and user demographic information useful for business and marketing analysis and overall performance strategy. Google Analytics provides information about visitors to your website , where they are coming from, the devices they use, the amount of time spent on the website, the number of pages they visited and lots more. All these and more arm you with the right information on the performance of your website and what you should do to improve performance and traffic. Google Analytics uses four distinct types of user data to provide useful insights that guide marketing campaigns and can help launch your website success on the Google [...]

Principles of Good Website Designing

Good website design is the foundation for online success. If you mess with your design elements and in the process fail to comply with the expectations of Google , you probably will not find success no matter your investment in PPC advertising. Designs entice visitors, radiate confidence , reflect professionalism and build trust so when your design is messed up, though you could get visits, you won't see the desired purchase and expected actions . In this post, we provide an easy to understand set of guidelines you can follow to build an effective website. These design principles will sure guide you to a successful project. Let's find out.   Principles of Good Website Designing Good website design requires hard [...]

How to Optimize Your Website to Boost User Experience

The constant changes Google makes to its search algorithm demands that Search Engine Optimization should be conducted more cautiously, properly researched and monitored . We have been engaging in a lot of SEO for our own website and for those of our clients while monitoring their performance. So based on real life experiences, we can emphatically state that user experience is a critical factor used by Google in ranking websites. Infact, we have seen a strong and direct correlation between user experience factors and search engine ranking. For example, it is almost impossible to rank in the top 10 results in Google without a mobile friendly website. So even if you have done a good on-page optimization and you run frequent unique content updates, you won't see [...]

How Does Google Analytic Metrics Impact Website Rankings

Google Analytics gives you some basic details about how Google understands your website. It provides a guide into the metrics and factors that you need to improve as well those in which you are doing perfectly well. But more important is your ability to interpret these metrics to be able to make actionable decisions where necessary. In this post we provide a very simple guide into how you should respond to the most important metrics provided by Google Analytics.   Further reading: Important Google Analytic SEO Metrics You Need To Take Very Seriously 11 Alternatives to Google Analytics Data Gathering Tools Useful Tips on How to Use Google Analytics on eCommerce Websites    Researching online businesses and working [...]

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