Tested Tips To Increase Joomla Website Loading Speed

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where website slow speed forces you to close a page and move to another or you just return back to your search results to see if you can view another page due to long wait for a slow loading page to open. These scenarios actually lead to visitor losses and are common when a page is slow and are indeed a bad experience for visitors. Also read A Guide to Website Traffic Optimization 30 Most Important Google Ranking Factors For Beginners A Complete Guide To Good SEO For Beginners Page loading speed is an important factor in deciding the success of an online business website. It does not only affects the website user experience but also Google search ranking. Our website gained 14 positions after page [...]

How To Manage the Sudden Disappearance of a Website from Google SERPs

Have you suddenly got to see that your website has been dropped from the Google Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). The first thing that should come to the mind is a possible penalty grom Google . Well, many of us have been through that and the first thing to do is to remain calm and follow the suggestions in this article.   Further reading: What is an SEO Audit, and How Can It Help Your Business? Website Cloaking: What The Search Engines Allow and Disallow SEO Lessons From Google’s John Mueller SEO - What Search Engines Love and Hate About Websites SEO - What Search Engines Love and Hate About Websites   1. Check Google For Your Domain Name Begin with a search for your domain name in [...]

How to Fix Website Bounce Rate Problems

Bounce rate indicators can be very important in understanding user behavior towards a website. When it comes to website analytics, bounce rate is part of a metric should be taken seriously in assessing website performance . It may be a bit confusing when you first stumble upon it, but it can really be helpful in understanding how much visitors are retained on a website. It actually gives a good insight into how the content on a website helps address the needs of visitors.   Further reading: A Detailed Guide to Website Performance Testing 27 Free WordPress SEO Plugins that Will Improve Your Website Search Engine Rank 7 Simple Steps That Will Help You Optimize Your Blog Posts A Complete Guide To Good SEO For Beginners [...]

An SEO Guide on the Top 3 Factors That Guarantee Success For Every Website

No matter the type of website you run, for profit or not for profit, ranking high in the search engines and driving quality traffic are a must for its success. But achieving these goals is usually not an easy task. We recommend you focus on three key elements discussed below and watch your website achieve the expected outcome . These may just require some small changes or a complete redesign to get the website competitive. The key lies in how better you can be than your competitors in certain areas. You just have to be slightly better than your competitors to get many better results. If your changes drives you from being one of the discarded sites to the site that is chosen by searchers then your sales will increase.   Further reading: [...]

Link Building Strategies That Will Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Off page Search Engine Optimization, SEO, or link building is a critical aspect of an SEO campaign. The approach to link building for a new website and for an already existing website are quite different. We will take a look at how to go about the two scenarios. We will further, in this post, try to give some insights on how to get quality links from reputable website and gain some advantages including higher ranking. Also read: Checklist Of SEO Best Practices That Will Drive Trafic To Your Website Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization Digital Marketing: Top Strategies That Yield Big Results Are Links Really important? Let us begin with the fundamentals to understand why it is important to build links. There could be several [...]

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