How to Boost Your Website Ranking with Google My Business

For every serious online business , being listed in the Google my Business (GMB) directory is something to be taken seriously. It will work for your local business listing and help your Search Engine Optimization and search engine rankings Google My Business is free and if you are interested in building business through directories, GMB should be the first directory we expect you to look at. In this blog, we’ll explain how My Business works, and how to make it work for your business.   What is Google My Business, and how does it work? Google My Business is actually more than a simple listing site like every other you will most likely have come across on the web. It’s actually an SEO management system which reaches across all of [...]

Most Important SEO Metrics Every Website Owner Should Track

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques used in web design and content creation to increase your website’s reach. When done right, your search engine rankings should improve and your website’s traffic can increase. That’s why knowing to what extent your SEO strategy  is making a difference is essential. Fortunately, tracking your website’s metrics and analyzing the trends you find helps you understand how users are interacting with your content. Knowing the most crucial SEO metrics to track — such as page views, bounce rates, and conversions — helps you evaluate which strategies might need to be tweaked and which ones are hitting a home run. In this article, we’ll share the 11 most [...]

Simple Tools and Tips To Protect Your Website From SPAM

As one of the most pervasive problems in the world of technology, SPAM has been creating huge damages beyond imagination. Given its strategic nature, eliminating SPAM completely may seem impossible. However, one can face and beat the challenges of Spam by adopting protective measures .   Further reading: 10 Ways You Can Build Online Trust and Reputation 13 Tools That Will Enhance Your Online Marketing Efforts A checklist against cybercrime A detailed guide and Strategy for digital marketing Best Practices for Email Subject Lines Best Rated Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress Websites Best WordPress Plugins For Email Marketing Email Marketing and the Trouble With Auto-Responders [...]

Basic guide to technical SEO and backlink monitor

Link building is an essential discipline in SEO work . It is among the most important factors for achieving successful rankings in Google’s search results . Typically you expend a lot of resources on creating backlinks to your website, so you obviously want to get the full value for your link building efforts.   Further reading: A Step by Step Guide to Website Backlink Audit Are Directories Still Useful for SEO 20 Top SEO Techniques that Produce Good Results A Checklist For Analysing Your Website's SEO A Checklist of Bad SEO Practices to Avoid A Detailed Guide to Technical SEO Audit Detailed Guide to Website Performance Testing 14 SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Website [...]

9 Steps to Gain Top Ten Ranking in Google Search Rankings

Search Engine Optimization companies are making a fortune by doing the menial work that is overlooked by many website designers. It is ridiculously easy to do most of the work done by most SEO companies, all you have to do is create good habits and focus these 9 main points that are sure to give you good success : • Keywords • URL Text • Description, Meta tags • Title tags • Image Names • ALT tags • Heading tags • Content • Hyperlinks   Further reading: 8 SEO Mistakes You Can Make and How to Address Them A Checklist For Analysing Your Website's SEO 30 Most Important Google Ranking Factors For Beginners 4 SEO Fixes that will improve your website Rank on [...]