WordPress Security: The Complete Guide

WordPress still remains the most popular Content Management System (CMS) with about 34percent of the web being powered by WordPress. WordPress popularity has also made it a target for hackers , with tens of thousands of websites getting infected with malware, becoming the sources of phishing schemes and getting blacklisted by search engines . In this guide, we will put our best efforts to cover everything you need to know about WordPress security, including a comprehensive list of do-it-yourself WordPress security tips for hands-on website owners. We will try to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to protect your website against even the most determined attacker. Further reading: A checklist against cybercrime Joomla Security - The [...]

Best SEO Plugins For the Major Website Platforms

The importance of SEO to the success of your online marketing efforts cannot be over-emhasized. Driving traffic and improving SEO has remained cardinal to website performance especially as the leading Search Engine, Google continues to place high premium on SEO performance and user experience . Achieving good SEO performance have been done through various means especially with the use of SEO plugins. Read more SEO related posts: SEO Lessons From Google’s John Mueller Some platforms call it plug-in, others call it extensions or add-ons, the purpose remains the same - to make whatever software you are using more feature-rich. In this post, we focus on the plug-ins that will enhance your SEO efforts . So, take a careful look at the plugins below and use [...]

A Detailed Guide on How to Remove Google Blacklist Warning

Google blacklists 10,000+ websites every day. For most website owners, the s ecurity warnings, hack indicators, and diagnostic pages can be daunting. It's difficult to focus on fixing your hacked website when all of your visitors are being blocked from accessing your site. We compiled this guide to help webmasters remove website hacks and Google warnings so that you can restore your website and reclaim visitors, revenue, and SEO rankings . Also read: 10 Ways You Can Build Online Trust and Reputation Guard Your Website Reputation: Stay Protected with SSL 6 Ways to Protect Your Website From Security Hacks Step 1: Review Warning Status 1.1 Identify Website Security Warnings Your website is blacklisted because [...]

Magento vs PrestaShop Comparison for Security, SEO and Performance

One of the most significant decisions to take before launching an online store is to choose the ideal e-Commerce platform . There are numerous options for the decision on the ideal e-commerce platform and you will usually have to compare features and match them with your need s and expectations before deciding. Also read: Best Practices for Magento Website Security E-commerce Website: A Guide on The Choice Of Magento Or Woocommerce Useful Tips on How to Use Google Analytics on eCommerce Websites Magento and PrestaShop are ideal platforms for ecommerce and the reality about them is that only one can be used on a store at any point. So, a thorough comparison between Magento vs PrestaShop would be helpful in taking the most essential decision [...]

Best Brute Force Protection Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is the world’s largest blogging platform. That also places it in the position to be the most attacked Content Management System. You can never know when the malicious mind will hack your site . Because you may at any time be a victim of Brute Force attack it is important that you should keep your site safe and secure with a WordPress Brute Force Protection Plugin. Brute Force attack is one of the scariest thing for any website owner. Especially when your site is running on WordPress, it becomes a pool of opportunities for wrongdoers. Therefore, it becomes the primary need of a developer to keep this list of best WordPress  Brute Force Protection Plugins within reach. The Brute Force Protection Plugin for WordPress is great [...]

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