11 Reasons People Turn Away From Your Ecommerce Store

The outbreak of Corona Virus has changed the order of business with greater focus on online markets. The effect has seen an i ncreased boost in e-commerce patronage with attendant scramble for visibility on the internet and especially in the Google search engines . But after getting visitors to your website , it is a different ball game altogether to retain the visitors and get them to convert . In this post, we focus on top to reasons why visitors turn away from an ecommerce website.   Further reading: Boost Ecommerce Purchases on Your Website in 6 Steps Top 10 Ecommerce Platforms Recommended for Small Businesses Top link Building strategies Recommended for online stores   Methodology We used an [...]

Best Powerful SEO PLugins for WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular and most powerful Content Management System (CMS) available today. That is because it has developed strong capabilities with unmatched versatility within the CMS world. But like most CMSs, a major issue faced by WordPress is performance . The structure of WordPress requires that you properly optimize if for performance . Fortunately, the WordPress community has a large poll of plugins to help achieve the desired performance and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expectations of Google.   Further reading: A detailed guide to web page optimization for better ranking A Guide to Google Website Ranking A Simple Guide to Website Performance Evaluation   Why Is SEO [...]

10 Costly Search Engine Mistakes to Avoid

Gaining high ranks in serach engines is the best way to achieve success in internet marketing. High ranking guarantees more targeted traffic which result in sales and increased revenue . Good search engine ranking and traffic is like to a website, what the location of a physical store is to a retail business . The closer you are to the top of the search engine result pages , the more traffic you generate which results in increased sales and revenue just like you generate more traffic to your store when you are closer to a central location. But competing on the internet requires some skills and techniques to be implemented and many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals are tempted to adopt some shortcut methods generally referred to as [...]

11 SEO Metrics That Matter Most For Google Ranking

SEO is a broad term, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and describes the tweaks we make to out websites to increase its chances of ranking in the Search Engines , basically the Google search engine because of the share of the market controlled by Google. But after you make the adjustments and continue to build on your SEO through content development , link building and other activities, how do you know that your efforts are yielding the right results? The natural answer will be that you watch to see how your efforts push your ranking upwards . But the best way is to monitor the SEO metrics overtime to determine where you are doing well and the areas you need to work to improve . In this post, we discuss 11 SEO metrics you should monitor [...]

10 Most Important Google SEO Ranking Factors

The requirements for proper website optimization keep changing and there are no hard rules. Google roles out updates daily and major updates to its algorithm are released once in a while.  Being able to rank in top positions therefore require that you keep up with the changes and monitor the rules to implement them as they roll out. SEO is important for your business success and it probably remains the leading strategy for small businesses to outperform large businesses on the web and that can also translate into large sales and revenues. According to Backlinko , Google uses about 200 signals to rank websites. Attempting to comply with all these signals will be an excellent thing to do but in reality, that can be really enormous. [...]

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