Speed up Joomla website in simple steps

The speed of your website to a large extend will determine the success of your online business . It does not only affect your conversion rate , it also affects your ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages . If you are not just concerned about being online but take the success of your website seriously, speed should be one of the factors you will strive to enhance.   Further reading: How to Increase Your Online Sales and Conversion Tested Tips To Increase Joomla Website Loading Speed A Practical Guide to Get Online With Your Own Website   Achieving a good speed for your Joomla website requires that you make some tweaks and technical adjustments. You will learn about all that in this post. We [...]

A Practical Guide to Get Online With Your Own Website

The need to have a strong online presence have become more compelling following the outbreak of CIVID-19 and new rules to social engagement which followed. The new realities have changed the ways people shop and do business giving online marketing a stronger boost .   Further reading: Own a business website to sail through a global crisis 10 Things to Consider When Starting an Online Shop 13 Tools That Will Enhance Your Online Marketing Efforts   In this post we take a step-by-step approach to how you can go about getting an online presence and optimize the benefits of your new or existing website.   Getting Started Getting a website basically requires a domain name , website hosting [...]

10 Plugins to Help You Manage High Loads in Joomla

High loads on server is one thing web hosts detest. Failing to fix high load issues can disrupt the smooth  functionality of websites , it sometimes makes it difficult to connect to databases resulting into errors . High loads can sometimes lead to an outright downtime . Web hosts will frown at all these situations and could take strict penalties which could include an outright website suspension if the issue is not addresses.   Further reading: Best Plugins for Faster Loading WordPress Websites How to fix a slow-loading website Tested Tips To Increase Joomla Website Loading Speed Common Reasons Access to Your Website Can be Restricted   Google confirmed that the speed factor will [...]

8 Strategies to Help eCommerce Marketing Success

Online shopping has become the new normal since the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. But eCommerce has been growing by leaps and bounds since long before that. According to Statista , while in 2019, about 1.92 billion people made online purchases, in June 2020, the global retail eCommerce traffic stood at a record high of 22 billion monthly visits. As even local businesses pivot to a digital-first marketing approach, it will take a lot more than your run-of-the-mill campaigns to capture consumers’ attention . Here are 8 eCommerce strategies that will hold your business in good stead in the new year and the future.   Further reading: How to Build a Good Customer Experience to Improve your Website Conversion Rate [...]

Own a business website to sail through a global crisis

As the world still grapples with the ongoing pandemic, the aftermath of a rather daunting year has affected businesses severely. The impact on startups and small businesses has been brutal. From permanently closing down to dwindling margins to sudden slump in sales to increased debts, small businesses across the globe are finding it increasingly challenging to keep their financial wheels turning.   Further reading: 10 Things to Consider When Starting an Online Shop 15 Online Business Ideas to Consider 10 Online Retailing Mistakes That Can Lead to Customer Loss   However, there is a silver lining to the challenges presented by this unforeseen global crisis. Serial entrepreneurs and startup founders are [...]

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