Email Marketing - Optimizing Your Email Sending Time

Email marketing is a dependable strategy of digital marketing communication and provides a direct connection to credible leads that are most likely to improve your conversion rate . Email marketing remains  one of the best methods to engage leads, but the hardest part of using it is figuring out the best time to send out your marketing emails. Also consider to read: Best Practices for Email Subject Lines Email Marketing and the Trouble With Auto-Responders A Guide to Website Traffic Optimization But like every other form of marketing communication when you create an email campaign, you want to get the best result out of your efforts by way of conversions. You want to send the emails at a time when your audience is most likely to engage. Your [...]

How to Get Best Speed Performance with WordPress

Understanding the speed performance of your website is fundamental in assessing its usability. Website users as well as Google and other search engines love fast speed These statistics should be disturbing but it underscores the need for a good website speed: A one-second delay in page load time leads to:     11% fewer page views     16% decrease in customer satisfaction     7% loss in conversions You will also want to read: Email Marketing - Optimizing Your Email Sending Time How to Get Best Speed Performance with WordPress Joomla Security - The Complete Guide Common Problems with WordPress Websites and How to Fix Them Running page speed tests with tools like Google PageSpeed [...]

Joomla Security - The Complete Guide

Joomla is a free open-source content management system (CMS), built on a MVC framework. It is currently the 2nd most widely used CMS with over 40million downloads. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, that is is still millions of businesses and blogs that have chosen to power their websites with Joomla .  As with any major platform, additional security concerns always present themselves. Your risk of attack is greater and vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered and  exploited by attackers. This week, we provide a complete guide below on what you can do to harden your Joomla security and help prevent yourself from getting hacked or becoming a victim of the next brute-force attack. You will also want to read: A Review of 4 Popular Joomla SEO [...]

Before You Install a WordPress Plugin, Ask These Questions

Using WordPress plugins are great way to add new and very exciting functionalities to your website. Plugins can save you time, speed up your website , improve SEO , and do much more. Plugins give web designers and developers the leverage to build sophisticated websites quicker and even better because of the functionalities they add to the website. With more than 20,000 plugins and over 330,000,000 downloads in the official WordPress plugin directory , there’s no question that plugins are an important component of WordPress and will continue to lay a pivotal role in the relevance and position of WordPress as a leading content management system. You will also want to read: How A Plugin Installation Can Crash Your Wordpress Website How to Prevent the most [...]

Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization , simply called SEO is the most critical aspect of online marketing you should be very concerned about. SEO drives more business than online advertisement. A recent study also reveal that despite the huge traffic generated by social networks, in 2017, search pulled more traffic that social . You willalso want to read: 16 Mistakes That Turn People Away From Your Website Link Building Strategies That Will Boost Your Search Engine Ranking A Search Engine Friendly Guide to Link Building Useful URL Structuring Tips That Will Help Higher Ranking   How to Submit Your Website to Top Search Engines for Free So, when you get your search engine optimization strategy right, you have a greater chance of [...]

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