How Your Communication Can Address Negative Customer Issues on Social Media

A research study revealed that 90% of businesses acknowledge that they’ll need to use social media for customer service by the year 2020. Studies have also revealed that about 67% of customers currently use social networks like Facebook and Twitter to get quick resolutions to their customer service issues. Also read: 16 Mistakes That Turn People Away From Your Website 16 YouTube Features You Need to Know Basic Marketing Tips and Tricks That Produce Big Results Communicating through social networks have been acknowledged to be a practically good way to communicate with customers and fans, but more than that it can also be used as a channel where angry customers can write negative things about your business and offer you the opportunity to [...]

Common Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Converting

Is your website getting enough traffic but no conversions ? Then, it's time for you to analyze. 'WHAT IS WRONG?' Everyone in the digital marketing industry knows that a high traffic website without good conversions is meaningless. Conversion is more important than traffic if you want to increase revenue. And that's the main purpose of every business, to maximize profits for its owners. So if your conversion rate sucks, you simply need to know the reasons why your website is not converting. Learning these things will help you focus on improving your marketing strategies and start getting more sales. Also read: 16 Mistakes That Turn People Away From Your Website A Simple Guide to Website Performance Evaluation Common Mistakes [...]

Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

When people visit your website and do not navigate to any other page outside the landing page , it is not a good sign and indicates poor website quality , that they likely did not find the answers they sought, your website provides little information or some other factors like poor design discourages them. This article takes a detailed look at and attempts to solve the problem of why people will click the back button after visiting your website. Also read: A Guide to Website Traffic Optimization 20 Ways You Can Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate A Complete Guide To Good SEO For Beginners 1) Unattractive or outdated design Good design instills confidence. It’s an unfortunate truth, but ust like we all judge books by their covers so people [...]

Expert Tips That Will Guarantee Good Traffic to Your Website

The internet is very competitive and so after setting up a beautiful and functional website , you need to get visitor traffic to it. If  you have put up a great website and no one’s actually visiting, your perfect website is not going to have any major impact and you will have no benefit from it. So it is important that you draw up a clear and functional strategy around building traffic to your website. Of course, we need not delve into why you need traffic to your website. We will rather focus on how you can get traffic to your website and get benefits for your online efforts Also read: Remarketing a Website That is Having Low Visitor Traffic Search Engine Optimization A functional strategy to gain rankings Recommended SEO Practices That [...]

How to fix a slow-loading website

Improving the speed of your website has become very important for several reasons. The most outstanding we would say is its impact on user experience and the increasing weight Google gives to user experience. That explains why website owners and managers are investing in ways that can improves their website speed . Prominent among them is its impact on conversion , website bounce rate and ranking in the search engine result pages . One thing we cannot deny is that about any website is that loading speed matters. When you have a website that loads slowly, it leads to a poor user experience and negatively affect search engine rankings. Also read: 16 Mistakes That Turn People Away From Your Website 30 Most Important Google Ranking Factors For Beginners A [...]

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