Tips and Tricks That Improve Website Conversion Rate

Website conversion rate is an important metric to monitor and improve upon if you want to grow your online business. Whatever your business could be, you need to know what your conversion rate is because it is an important metric to help understand your business success and useful to you if you will need to work for an improvement . In this post, we’ll reveal some techniques that will help you understand and improve the rate at which your website converts.   What Is Conversion Rate? Understanding conversion rate could be much easier if you understand what "conversion" means. Take a conversion to be an action performed on your website. It could be a click, a purchase, filling a form, participation in a survey, making a [...]

Complete Guide to Website and Competitor Analysis

One of the easy ways to start optimizing your website rightly is to benchmark competitor practices. Understanding how successful competitors optimize their websites can be helpful when it comes to learning from the mistakes of others. When you have actionable insights into competitor practices coupled with a proper understanding of your website and position, you can be better equipped to take the right decisions that can improve the ranking of your website.   What Is a Website Analysis? A website analysis is the process of testing and reviewing a website’s performance for key metrics such as speed, traffic, search engine optimization (SEO), competition, and user experience. You can expand the scope of your website analysis to cover other [...]

Conversion Rate Optimization and How it Affects Marketing Goals

Every website exists for a purpose. When those purposes are clearly defined, their attainment is what is described as a conversion. So, conversion rate can be seen within that context desired defined actions and goals. So, every business, be it profit oriented or not for profit owes its success to the rate of conversion . So while it is important to generate good traffic to your website , it is far more important to convert visitors into customers. Conversion is the primary aim of advertising and traffic generation. If your conversion rate is very poor, you will soon begin to suffer failure signs. Acceptable conversion rates depend on the industry. Generally, the higher the traffic, the higher will be the click through rate which results in a higher conversion rate. [...]

Beginner Guide to Local Internet Marketing

There is growing emphasis on local internet marketing. The rise in Google Maps , Google My Business and similar networking platforms have promoted local internet marketing as a great tool for in-person businesses that want to get more traffic into their physical store or office locations. Effective use of local internet marketing can build business reputation , trust and customer confidence. The lessons from local internet marketing can also be applied in growing the larger online business with a wider or global audience and targeting customers from different locations globally. In this post, we consider a strategic approach to building your physical local business through local online marketing. This will complement your efforts at business growth [...]

Getting Started With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important tool developed by Google for business owners and marketers to provide insights on web traffic and user demographic information useful for business and marketing analysis and overall performance strategy. Google Analytics provides information about visitors to your website , where they are coming from, the devices they use, the amount of time spent on the website, the number of pages they visited and lots more. All these and more arm you with the right information on the performance of your website and what you should do to improve performance and traffic. Google Analytics uses four distinct types of user data to provide useful insights that guide marketing campaigns and can help launch your website success on the Google [...]

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